My name is Danijel Turina. I decided to write this blog because I am often irritated by the things I see or hear, and this looks like a convenient outlet for my opinions. If I act as if I know it all, that’s because most of the time I actually do. 🙂

This blog is not a “safe space”. It contains adult themes, rude language and disturbing facts and if you have a problem with that, this is not a place for you. I’m not really into pussyfooting around issues, and if you have a problem with my style, then read something more to your liking, because I won’t censor myself in order to cater to someone’s affectations.

I live in Croatia and English is my second language; I’m sorry to say that I failed to learn much Russian despite having taken it at school, because of my blatant preference for all things American, at least at the time. But that, of course, was somewhere in the 1980-s. The banner photos are all my original work.

Due to my profound contempt for biographical data, I decided not to write any.

My e-mail is danijel973@gmail.com

I don’t own any social media accounts. If someone on social media says he’s me, he’s lying.

My new PGP key ID is 9F909B51, fingerprint: 531D 3369 DD00 ED6C BF5E  6959 7793 59CB 9F90 9B51

My old PGP key ID is D1DECCE7, fingerprint B575 30FE B193 4E22 C2ED  B8A7 53C1 BAFC D1DE CCE7. It is being replaced due to 1024-bit key length not being enough today.