The face of Lenin’s enemy

I find it nauseating when I hear the leftists planning another round of “eating the rich”, of dealing with the “class enemy”, and I particularly find it disgusting when they assume the virtuous posture.

I accidentally found an enhanced, colorized photo, processed by the modern AI, of what the communists would call “class enemy”, and what I would call a perfectly innocent girl, who was 19 years old when she, along with the rest of her family, was shot, stabbed by bayonets, shot again, and her face mashed into a bloody pulp by rifle butts so that it wouldn’t be recognizable, and then buried in the woods.

So let’s see the face of the class enemy, that had to be mashed into a pulp so that the working class could live in their communist paradise.
Let me present Maria Nikolaevna Romanova:

This is the AI enhanced photo of Maria: Let’s see what Wikipedia says about her death by Lenin’s thugs:

The Russian Imperial Romanov family (Nicholas II of Russia, his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, and their five children: OlgaTatianaMariaAnastasia, and Alexei) were shot and bayoneted to death[1][2] by Bolshevik revolutionaries under Yakov Yurovsky on the orders of the Ural Regional Soviet in Yekaterinburg on the night of 16–17 July 1918. Also murdered that night were retainers who had accompanied them, notably Eugene BotkinAnna DemidovaAlexei Trupp, and Ivan Kharitonov.[3] The bodies were taken to the Koptyaki forest, where they were stripped, buried, and mutilated with grenades to prevent identification.[2][4]

But it is when you see her face, that you understand why the communist murderers had to mash it into a pulp to prevent identification, and perhaps even to make it appear monstrous, to hide the magnitude of the crime.

The communists are not the virtuous ones who kill monsters in order to achieve social justice. They are the monsters who kill the virtuous and the innocent, in order to create hell on Earth. They are enemies of God.

Perhaps the most chilling historical fact is that the body of the leader of the criminal gang that committed this and millions of other slaughters of the innocent, is displayed prominently in his own mausoleum in Moscow, while her remains (the parts that didn’t rot in an unmarked grave) are still poked and prodded for DNA evidence. Her AI enhanced image not only honors her memory, but also explains the true nature of communism better than any words I could muster, because you can’t really judge someone or something until you see the face of their enemy.

ps. I almost forgot; here’s what others said about her character:

Margaretta Eagar said that “Maria was born good… with the very smallest trace of original sin as possible.”[34] According to Eagar, her older sisters Olga and Tatiana once referred to Maria as their “stepsister” because she was so good and never got into trouble. When she stole biscuits from her mother’s tea table, Nicholas said that he was relieved “to see she is only a human child” because he “was always afraid of the wings growing.”

So yes, that truly is the spirit of the class enemy that had to be eradicated.

The dead end of material progress

There seems to be something very wrong with the idea of progress and progressivism, in a sense that it seems to be a Trojan horse that’s filled by an entire army of bad ideas, ever since the times of humanism and the French revolution.

The progress was obvious and clearly visible in the beginning, but the whole thing was accompanied by the undercurrent of materialistic philosophy, which basically said that nobody will need God if he has indoor plumbing, electricity, sanitation, antibiotics, vaccines, education and wealth, basically assuming that God is some sort of a poor substitute for material wellbeing that will be achieved through progress.

In the meantime, the idea of progress reached a dead end, because the stated goals were either achieved completely, or shown to be completely unachievable, so now we have a civilisation that is addicted to the idea of progress but ran out of ideas about what direction further progress should take. Some are trying to absorb themselves into some kind of a virtual existence, basically increasing the level of illusion they inhabit by 1, the others worship Elon Musk who “invents” things that are either trivial and iterative, or nonsensical, others are trying to invent the new, improved digital gold, while others are obsessed with the navel gazing idiocy of gender and identity.

In the end, it has been demonstrated that all this real and supposed progress is a poor and unsatisfactory substitute for God – the opposite of the original thesis.

True progress, as it would be measured by the saints and angels, is to be closer to God, in both essence and will. This is the only way to attain true and lasting happiness and fulfilment. Removing material problems through progress is commendable, but happiness is not a mere absence of material misery. Happiness is something that happens when you are close to God. But for a civilisation that abandoned God and tried so hard for centuries to remove Him from every aspect of our lives, happiness is always a mirage in the future, something that will eventually happen once you get the n-th dose of some vaccine, once you get a new phone or a laptop, once you get that new electric car, once you remove sources of carbon dioxide, once you kill and eat all the rich people, once you get Dogecoin to the Moon, and Bitcoin replaces gold, and you get plugged into some Matrix where you will be enslaved by those who control your physical existence.

For saints and angels, happiness and fulfilment are now, because God is here.

God is the reality, and there is no happiness possible in illusions.

America is a shithole

Evidence most eloquently presented:

Not only did America turn into a 3rd world shithole, it’s exporting it to the rest of the Western world, which will inevitably, if it keeps copying American ideas and practices, follow along this path with the usual time delay.

What are the causes? Well, some of it is cultural – educate children poorly, remove religious teachings and moral criteria, introduce the value-destroying “human rights”, be lenient and accepting to deviants and criminals, be compassionate to the incompetent, promote incompetent minorities for the sake of “diversity”, and give everybody the right to vote regardless of their personal merit, and that’s what you get. Interestingly, that’s why the founding fathers of America decided against democracy and instead went for the republic; they knew democracy inevitably means poor voting to take money from the rich and dividing it among themselves, and I would also add that unrestricted democracy means inevitable degradation of the social and cultural level to the lowest common denominator of the unwashed masses. But yeah, by all means let’s copy what America did, that’s what we need, to become a 3rd world shithole that they are. Just watch your gender pronouns and everything will be fine.

What is money?

I wrote on this topic before, and apparently I have to do it again, because reasons.

Whenever I think about why Bitcoin, or some other crypto-currency, isn’t and can’t be money, its advocates think I don’t understand crypto (going under assumption that it’s impossible to understand their position and still disagree with it, which is the essence of narcissism, but I digress), and I come out of it with an even more clear impression that they don’t understand money.

This isn’t really uncommon or strange, because I don’t think anyone educated under the Keynesian paradigm understands money, either, and this includes the heads of central banks worldwide. So, let me postulate a few things about money.

Money is a non-perishable, fungible physical commodity that is readily accepted in every trade, and continues to function as such regardless of circumstances.

According to this definition, neither Bitcoin nor any other crypto-currency meets the definition of money. They are non-perishable, they are fungible (meaning, you can divide it into smaller fractions, or unite smaller fractions into a larger unit, without loss of value), but they are not a commodity. They don’t exist outside of computers, and in fact they don’t exist or have any value outside the Internet, and a very complex superstructure of servers. It’s often mentioned, in favour of Bitcoin, that it has a reduced supply, but reduced supply doesn’t on its own make something meet the definition of money. Even the fact that it is accepted and used for payment at some places doesn’t make it money. My father accepted humanitarian aid as payment during the independence war in Croatia when people didn’t have money, but that doesn’t make pop tarts and potato chips money. They are perishable goods that can be accepted in barter in limited circumstances, the same as Bitcoin. You can use Pokemon cards in barter as well, but that doesn’t make them money.

However, according to the definition, US Dollar isn’t money either; it’s a state-enforced financial instrument. US Dollar used to meet the definition of money, when paper currency was merely a “pointer” to physical metal. The physical metal Dollar was money. It was a gold or silver alloy, that was readily acceptable in trade everywhere, derived value from its precious metal content, was non-perishable (meaning it would exist and retain its value thousands of years after the country that issued it was gone and forgotten, the way Roman or Austria-Hungary coins do now). Paper Dollar was initially pointer to money, and was accepted in trade under the assumption that it can be readily traded in for its nominal value in gold or silver.

If a country that issued it ceases to exist, money must retain its value and utility in trade. If electricity ceases to exist (in case of a Carrington event or a nuclear war), money must retain its value and utility in trade. If Internet stops working permanently, money must retain its value and utility in trade. The only way money can be allowed to lose its value and utility is an extinction level event that wipes mankind out.

It is perfectly fine if pointers to money are used in daily trade. That is actually preferable, and solves so many problems it was initially introduced as a solution to money transfers by the Templars during the crusades. A note that can be redeemed in gold is perfectly fine in most cases. A digital crypto-token that can be redeemed in gold is perfectly fine, in most cases, and elegantly solves the problem of international transfers and trade. “In loco London unallocated” exists as a form of clearing today, and is a first-order pointer to actual money.  But Dollar, Euro or other currencies are not. They are used due to a combination of habit, ignorance and a threat of force. What people actually think is that Dollars are backed by gold somewhere; it is not common knowledge that such backing was removed half a century ago, “temporarily, until things settle”.

Basically, if you want to see if something is money, imagine the state that issued it went down (like the Western Roman Empire, Byzantine empire, Third Reich, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Socialist Yugoslavia, Imperial China and so on), imagine the 19th century conditions – no electricity and no Internet – and see if you can buy a can of beans, a cow or a house with it, anywhere in the world. If you can’t, it’s not money – and don’t dismiss the described circumstances out of hand, because I lived for decades in the times without the Internet, and weeks in a row under power outages and occasionally under artillery shelling and air raids. If money stops working under those conditions, you are just asking to get fucked.

I live in Croatia. Here, I’ve seen money and paper currency from the Austria-Hungary empire, from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, from NDH (fascist-collaborationist entity of WW2), Socialist Yugoslavia, and Croatia (Dinar and later Kuna). Basically, expected lifespan of a country here is from 20 to 50 years, and after it goes bust you can basically wipe your butt with its paper money. However, guess what? Gold and silver coins made in Austria-Hungary still trade on the market and you can exchange them for whichever currency. Gold and silver coins from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia are still worth their weight in gold or silver, plus the numismatic premium. If you manage to dig out a Byzantine solidus, you can sell it for its gold content plus the numismatic premium. However, if you by some chance have a paper that is “redeemable in gold by the central bank of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia”, it’s worth exactly its paper content.

The moment the Internet is wiped out, there is no more crypto, and if you count on crypto as money or store of value, you will be wiped out. The “issuing state” of Crypto is the Internet. As soon as the issuing state goes bust, all of its financial derivatives become instantly worthless. Anything that can fall back on its metal content, however, is perfectly fine, and all the denarii and solidi saved by your ancestors are perfectly good money today.

So, basically, the crypto advocates can dismiss my arguments, but when, not if, crypto and fiat currencies are wiped out, don’t expect me to feel for you. Anyone who speculates with crypto or other paper derivatives, and doesn’t have at least a third of their total net worth in precious metals is just asking to get fucked.

The deception about Bitcoin is that it is portrayed as a coin – usually a gold coin – and it isn’t a coin of any kind. It’s a piece of data. It exists only within the context of the Internet, computers and the power grid. Outside of that, it is absolutely worthless.

An Austro-Hungarian golden ducat also existed within the context of an Empire, but when this empire dissolved, everybody holding their wealth in ducats was perfectly fine, because its value was derived from what it is – the metal alloy and the mass – and not what it means. Wipe all the context from a gold coin and you have its weight in gold. Wipe all the context from a crypto or fiat currency and you have toilet paper, at best.

Apocalypse now

We are living in the worst part of the end times, where the Whore, the Beast and the Antichrist are having an orgy of blasphemy, rape and murder of all that is holy and precious to God, all righteousness is being persecuted and all villainy and sin is being advertised, promoted and implemented as obligatory practice. If we manage not to get murdered or hang ourselves in despair, we might live to see God putting an end to all this by throwing them all back to the deepest pits of hell whence they all came from.