Access to precious metals might be restricted

I found out today that a major Chinese bank is prohibiting its customers from buying precious metals, citing some bullshit “concerns”. Basically, for the good of their children.

HSBC and JP Morgan are blacklisting Perth mint, citing some bullshit “concerns“. Some children somewhere are suffering and they can’t stand it.

The real reason is that the major banks and the states want all the gold for themselves, at these cheap prices, and if the people are allowed to get into gold too quickly, the prices will rise and the market will dry up. I expect some AML law to be passed restricting or outright outlawing purchases of precious metals by the citizenry, because precious metals are bad things used for money laundering, financing of terrorism, tax evasion and poor children will cry if you buy gold, so only an evil person would have it.

So, basically, buy it while you can, unless you are a complete fool, and if you buy the bullshit the states and banks are telling you, you deserve no better than the fate they have in store for you. If you want to not be a slave, prepare to see yourself as a criminal and a terrorist, because that’s where this is going. You’re either a slave, or a criminal and a terrorist. You’ll be left with no middle ground. Obey their laws and be ruined.

PS.: If you think I’m being paranoid, watch this:


It will be no news to anyone following me thus far that gold price recently rose to the all-time high in USD, and had long ago passed the all-time high in EUR. Also, if you followed me long enough, you’ll know that I predicted this much before the current corona-crisis and what not; so, you know those things have nothing to do with it, other than exacerbating the shortages of physical metal on the market, compared to the “paper”.

The expected question would be, is it still a good idea to buy, or should we wait for the current spike to subside? If you take a look at the graph, it’s obvious that the growth isn’t linear, and the price goes back a little after each spike, so the question is valid. However, we don’t live in “business as usual” times. There are presently no shortages of gold on the retail market, and the prices are well above those in the corona-peak, premiums and all. My assessment is that the target price of gold is somewhere in between 15000 USD per troy ounce, and 100000 USD per troy ounce, depending on several factors that are difficult to predict, such as the actual volume of fiat currency that will have to be backed by gold, the number of retirement funds, hedge funds and others who might exchange sovereign bonds for gold, the percentage of citizens with savings who might rush to gold in attempt to save their money from inflation, the percentage of holders of speculative and volatile assets who might want to save whatever they can when their respective markets collapse, etc. It’s difficult to predict, but in any case, the predicted end-game price of gold is at least 7.5x of what it is now. This makes long-term decisions easy. Short term, you tell me; I certainly can’t tell. There’s too much short-term chaos, even without people who don’t know what they are doing, and who seem to have taken to trading on their phones during the quarantine. I sense chaos, panic and anxiety in the air (coming from the deep levels of finance), with only a whiff of greed (and that comes from the hipsters who don’t know what they’re doing). What we want to do is do all the buying before the graph turns from linear to geometric, and at that point you’ll look at the gold price somewhere between the AC unit and the roof, projecting from the current graph on your screen.

What about silver? I don’t know. It might blow up, it might do nothing. I don’t know what it will do, and unlike gold, it didn’t do anything logical so far, so I can’t anticipate its behavior in the future. Sorry. I’ll stick mostly to gold, and hold just enough silver to not regret it if it actually does what some silver bugs are predicting.


The purpose of face masks

Test obedience, get masses used to taking orders and obeying the state. Increase state power over individuals.

Dehumanize people you meet. It will make it easier for the state to imprison, torture and murder faceless things.

Make you dependent on the digital reality, because in the physical you get only social distancing, face masks and increasingly strict discipline.

Get you accustomed to Islam, because that’s what you’ll be converting to, soon. Women are already using this hijab stand-in as a fashion accessory. Get men circumcised by hyping some fake health issue of foreskin and the rest is easy, because this civilization doesn’t have any religion or value-set worth mentioning as it is. Hell, getting rid of feminists and those awful transgenderetards is reason enough to embrace Islam for most people.

It doesn’t do anything useful against the spread of covid-19, sorry.

May God help us all, because we are doomed here.

Raw data

Number of deaths globally from covid-19: 689476.

This makes tuberculosis a much bigger threat, with actually zero panic worldwide about it. Suicide is a slightly bigger threat than covid-19. Diabetes causes twice as many deaths. I’m not saying it’s not a serious threat, it killed as many people as malaria and the year isn’t over yet, but the level of panic is so obviously mismatched with the actual threat level, and the world leaders who normally can’t agree on the color of shit are so obviously all singing in sync, that conspiracy and social engineering assert themselves as obvious causes.

Oh, I forgot: number of people who die of influenza each year. 650000. So yes, this was a worse flu season than normal, by some 6%. Scary.

Situation analysis

I managed to bite through the chaos enough to make a first projection, which is as follows.

The AI (including the human sociologists designing it) told its handlers to increase the global anxiety level and keep it up for as long as possible. This disproportional panic over a virus that is essentially a non-threat (most adverse effects seem to be absent in people with sufficient vitamin D levels) is a continuation and escalation of the previous xenophobia and paranoia efforts directed at Russia and later at China. It is unclear whether the entire thing is designed from scratch, but indications are that it was opportunistic; some threat occurred and it was utilized. There are always asteroids, sunspots, climate changes, earthquakes, diseases, killer hornets etc. you can over-inflate in media if you want to keep the populace in a constant state of fear.

The exact goals of this effort are uncertain, but large human masses are known to easily accept authoritarian leadership and surrender their freedoms and rights/privileges in such environments, and are also more intolerant of foreigners and easily goaded into “defensive” violence. This makes me expect more totalitarianism directed against the populace of the West whose standard of living will likely be reduced, because collapse of the Western economic system can neither be stopped nor reversed. Whether it is also in preparation for war, it’s hard to tell. It’s likely but not certain.