07 Into the sunset: On perfect scriptures

On perfect scriptures

I can already anticipate the objections. If transmission of knowledge from higher spiritual beings to humans is so inexact and subject to ambiguities, errors and arbitrary estimates, how then do I explain the entire volumes of holy scripture that was dictated to humans by God, to the letter? How do I explain the very precise commandments and laws given to humans by the gods?

I was wondering about that myself at some point in time. You see, from the Vedas through the Qur’an, the ten commandments, leviticus, up to the New Age channelings, the statements are made about the literal Divine authorship, not even the high spiritual inspiration, but literally authorship, where God or the angels spoke out the text which was written down exactly to the letter by humans.

All the ancient texts contain some sort of mythological cosmology and physics, explaining how the world works. One would expect that, based on such excellent explanations of the world’s underpinnings, we had nuclear technology, computers, aeronautics and space flight since the bronze age. No such luck – we had a geocentric model of the stellar mechanics, supported by the Church because it was in greatest agreement with the Bible. The medicine was nonexistent, physics was nonexistent, chemistry was nonexistent, biology was nonexistent, and instead of the theory of evolution we had the creationist fairy tales – again, with biblical sanction, or whatever scripture the other religions had.

OK, if the Bible isn’t “literally Divine” enough for your taste, take a look at the Qur’an and the Vedas. The Vedas are said to be literally the voice of God, remembered by the Rishis, and given to oral transmission through the ages. The Qur’an is said to have been dictated word by word by archangel Gabriel to Mohammad. What is the level of the practical, scientific knowledge transmitted in this manner? Have those texts imparted the mankind with specific knowledge about the functioning of the Universe, knowledge that would match the claim of God the Creator, in his absolute knowledge and wisdom, having it put into words and reciting it so that every letter is correctly transmitted?

I’m so tired of this bullshit. Just look at those texts and you’ll see that they were obviously pulled out of someone’s arse. They never state something that would be actually useful, such as “The basic law of the material world is gravity. It is a force of mutual attraction of all massive objects in proportion to their mass and in reverse proportion to the square of distance. Because of this force, the gas that was originally created with the Universe collapsed to form the stars, where matter grew in complexity, as simpler particles were compressed into producing larger ones, until the stars ran out of fuel and exploded, dispersing the complex matter into the interstellar space. This complex matter would there mix with the primordial light gas, and gravity would again compress it into new generation of stars. After a few generations of this process, enough of the complex matter was made to allow the formation of planets, the massive spheres that are lighter than the stars and so the gravity cannot compress them enough to produce light and heat, but where additional processes of combining material particles into larger structures are possible, eventually producing life. The life originally existed in form of tiny, invisible beings, that adapted to their environment and evolved through the principle of survival of the fittest, evolving in a multitude of directions and shapes, creating all the forms of life known to you today, as well as the infinite multitude of those preceding them and having been extinct due to the natural selection, as well as natural disasters. The entire process of matter’s growth in complexity has the purpose of manifestation of increasing amounts of God’s spiritual qualities, which are reality, consciousness and bliss. Humans, as the most advanced product of evolution of matter on this planet, possess the greatest capacity for manifestation of those qualities, and it is My will that you grow in this direction, and to perform acts of knowledge, reality and happiness. All your thoughts, words and deeds should be performed having this in mind.“

Interesting, the “holy scripture” said to be literally the word of God contains none of this. Instead, you get the instructions on how to bow to some pissed off deity in order to appease his ego, how to sacrifice animals, fight infidels and what the sacrificial cow is to look like in order for the infinite God Creator of Heaven and Earth to be pleased. In short, the text was written by a schizophrenic with shit for brains, who attributed authorship to God, every word of it.

Do you even stop to think how stupid this sounds? If God personally dictated something to humans, those scriptures would contain something useful, instead of being garbage that creates medieval spiritual darkness each and every time one takes it seriously enough to implement this “revelation of God” into practice. Europe left the spiritual darkness only after having invented science, which is based not on God’s revelation, but on the concept that theory should be verified by experiment and observation, and what is proven is the truth, and what is falsified is false. This very concept opposes the entire theory of God’s revealed scriptures, and its adoption sufficed to transform the entire civilization, within a few centuries, from a civilization that harnessed animals for work and transportation, used oil lamps for light, quill for writing, “healed” people by bloodletting, fought contagious diseases by magic, saw Earth as the center of the Universe and stars as tiny holes on the firmament of heaven that allow the light from heaven to go through, and God was so good that he had to kill himself as sacrifice for sins committed against him by the original man who ate from the forbidden tree – so, from such a shitty place and spiritual misery caused by religion, in a few centuries we came to the knowledge of astrophysics sufficient to ascertain mass, size and temperature of the planets orbiting the distant stars, and observe the events on the very limits of the observable universe, from the time the first stars were formed, ten billions of years ago. We came to the point where we can send robots to Mars, and have them move around and send pictures back to Earth. We came to the point where the only reason why we didn’t send humans to other planets in the solar system, is financial cost. Humans move across the entire world in self-propelled vehicles that advise the driver about the best course using satellites in Earth’s orbit. More-less everyone has a computer connected to the global network that allows him to instantly communicate with people on the other side of the planet, including full duplex video. Everybody has a personal communication device in the pocket, which also does satellite navigation, voice and video communication, interface to the global network where you can easily pull the data from, read books and listen to music, and I’m writing this text on a laptop computer that was made by Steve Jobs, not God. Had we been listening to idiots who claimed with full confidence that they had received the perfect knowledge from God himself, I’d be writing this with quill on parchment, and more likely I’d already have had contracted plague and died.

In short, I shit on your heavenly revelations. If anything can be said with full certainty in the sphere of religion, it’s that no transcendental force had ever given us information that was literally accurate, precise, transmitted word-by-word, and useful for any practical purposes. What is certain is that the basic limitation to the ability to manifest the transcendental in this world is sophistication and complexity of the physical brain and intellect of the material beings.

I recommend that you stop and repeat that until you completely understand it, because it’s the most important lesson about spiritual experiences and interpretation thereof you will ever get. If you don’t absorb this, your spiritual journey stops here.

I used to perceive the difference between my own transcendental experiences and what the religions, their founders and followers are talking about, and concluded that I must be on a lower level of realization, because others seem to be receiving coherent, long revelations of verbalized content, unlike myself; however, as I studied those “revealed” materials, I came to understand that it’s all either the products of human subconsciousness, or made up bullshit produced with the goal of establishing authority over other people, where invoking the authority of Gods is a time-tried method of man dominating over another man. As I got deeper into the matter, it became clearer that my way of perceiving things is actually a rule rather than the exception, and that the excessive specificity, detailedness and linearity of some “descriptions” are actually products of dishonesty by the authors. At best, they wrote down one possible interpretation of the experience and withheld the actual form of the experience in order to give themselves credibility with the followers. To say that you saw Light that poured realization into your soul, realization that is indescribable by words, is far less “impressive” than the claim that Jesus surrounded by angels revealed himself to you and told you that the Bible is literally true, and you now have to fight homosexuality and abortion because the Bible says so.

So, the way I perceive things is not an exception to the rule, it’s actually the way those things really work, with the only difference between me and others being that I’m intellectually honest enough to say how these things actually work, instead of writing fairy-tales. But sure, those who believe in fairy-tales tend not to like either me or my approach.

An additional difference between me and most people with spiritual experiences is that I learned how to function in a non-linear manner, by following multiple concurrent “narratives“, working with  the possibility of simultaneous correctness of multiple seemingly opposed “narratives”, and, in general, the fact that most work on the level of basic arithmetic where 2+2 are always 4, and I work with complex numbers and equations with multiple solutions.

Of course, in order to be able to say anything whatsoever about the transcendental, I have to shape the original non-linear experience into a linear narrative of some kind, but I am very aware of it being only a storyline, and that the original experience could be interpreted in different ways, and I have no problem changing the narrative every now and then. The narrative evolves along with my ability to comprehend the transcendental reality. I kept re-interpreting some things for decades, continually pulling new elements from the experience that lasted a few seconds, and contained, for instance, a single moment in which my whole life was shown to me from a vantage point somewhere in the future. There’s no way a physical human brain could simply unpack such things without interpolations or losses. The thing lacks flexibility, speed and the ability to transcribe the experience into an accurate intellectual narrative; I often found myself “seeing” myself, in some point in future, from my own vantage point, perceiving myself, my own consciousness as it is at that point, the spectrum of possibilities, the spiritual horizon, and at the point where I receive the experience I just don’t know what to do with it, except having foreknowledge of my way of existing in the future as something great and good that I currently cannot even comprehend. After a decade or so went by, I occasionally stopped and realized that this is exactly the moment that I saw in the past, but I couldn’t interpret it because the things that I presently mentally rely on and work with didn’t exist at the time – they have all been formed in the meantime and were impossible to recognize at the time when I had the experience.

In short, the entire concept according to which such experiences are something verbal, linear, that can be told in an equivocal and clear manner, is incredibly mistaken and needs to be rejected if you are to make any progress whatsoever. If integer arithmetic could provide answers to all questions, people wouldn’t come up with equations that give sets of multiple correct solutions, transformation matrices and sets of numbers that can never be completely written down or known. We need to acknowledge the fact that the transcendental sphere is a richer form of reality and being, compared to this trash heap that we all know and “love”. As good as we get in making up narratives, the transcendental reality will remain completely different, richer and greater. That’s why we need to give up on the concept of the holy scriptures, revealed eternal truths and bronze age theologies, because if those people had enough sense to understand God, they would not be leading sheep to greener pastures thinking you can reach heaven if you make a tall enough building, which made God scared enough to scramble people’s tongue as to disrupt their efforts.