About brahman and personal identity

From the forum:

I feel many harmful misunderstandings here.
The way you are formulating things makes it sound as if immersion in Brahman is something like immersion in molten iron, where a piece of iron loses its definition and identity and becomes one with the large mass. If I could pinpoint the single greatest misunderstanding of what samadhi feels like, that would be it.

What it actually feels like is illusory limitations being wiped away from you. There is no immersion of limited you into that, there is expansion of your normally suppressed consciousness, a regaining of memory and identity. You seem to imagine there to be some difficult battle between limited human identity, the “you”, and that awesome great thing called brahman, but that’s not what it feels like. It feels like being freed from a prison for your mind, liberated from a dark dungeon where you were lobotomized and mindfucked. There never is that brahman thing, just you, and once your spirit jailbreaks, there is that understanding vedanta talks about, “tat brahman aham!“, or “so ham!“. To translate it literally as “I am this brahman”, or “I am That”, would do it as much justice as putting my Croatian writing through Google translate. 🙂 It feels exactly the opposite from what you imagine. You imagine ego fighting against loss of identity, you imagine surrender, trying to get out of the way of something bigger, but that’s exactly the opposite from what it feels like. It feels like the waking up from a nightmare where you were small, stupid, afraid and weak, and remembering you are great, wise, fearless and powerful. It feels like relief, “it was only a dream, and I AM THIS, truly THIS, and not that limited ape thing I thought I was”. There is immense joy of the kind you experience when you thought something terrible was about to happen, only to realize that you got it wrong, something great happened and you misunderstood, only much greater. It is sat-cit-ananda, bliss of self realization, consciousness broken free of chains, reality that can finally fully be.

And then there are questions. Samadhi obviously doesn’t work like you expect it to – why is there such a huge difference felt in Yogananda’s Autobiography between some yogi who can enter samadhi, and someone like Mataji and Babaji, who are obviously incredibly more than that, and it doesn’t feel like it’s about just being in samadhi more and being more attuned to brahman. The answer is more complicated than one can imagine, and I went through a very long process, none of which included samadhi, in which it became clear to me how that works, the process I’ve been trying to guide others through since 1997. Samadhi is actually not the cornerstone experience the Hindus make it out to be. Sure, it’s important to know, but it’s a sad fact that samadhi can produce a fixation, it can actually hinder spiritual progress, because sometimes spiritual progress is walking through the woods in the dark while being eaten by mosquitoes, trying to kill a fox, and meditation is just cowardice, a spiritual dead-end, and all the musings about ego and getting out of the way and immersion in brahman are actually the shackles for the mind, the instruments of its subjugation and enslavement. When I said there is a male and female way of doing things, I made it sound as if there were two paths. There is also a third path: the fake meditation, the fake spirituality. It’s when you’re trying to do what you think is expected of you, when you try to be a good spiritual person and make progress like the gurus told you you should. This third path is not a path at all, it’s a pit of doom, a long slumber in which nothing happens, because it’s the exact opposite to where brahman is. Brahman is where things are so real and alive your dick gets hard. It’s not about getting out of the way, because that’s never the problem. The true problem is when you are so empty you have nothing to get out of the way of. The concept of surrender doesn’t exist in that empty state, it starts to assert itself once the experience is so powerful and the energy flow is so great, you start feeling every sin, every wrong thought, as pain, and surrender/remorse is the way those imperfections burn as something better is revealed. But the dichotomy in that state is not between ego and brahman; it’s between the greater power and beauty that is you, and the sin and imperfection that is also you, and the sin and imperfection burn you, they hurt, as you surrender to the perfection and power and beauty and understand, and release.

If you actually came to the point of a darshan of Krishna, and your limitations were wiped off, and you truly felt Krishna, you would not become a copy of Krishna, you would become the true version of yourself. The version that’s not constantly trying not to exist too much, the version that is so immersed in the greatness of Krishna that he just automatically assumes greatness, power, sinlesness, responsibility and authority, and only then would you truly understand the spiritual meaning of submission. It’s not submission in the sense of trying to assume posture of a worm, but submission to the fact that you’re actually great, no matter how hard you would rather be a small thing that worships the great thing. You get out of the way by submitting to the fact of greatness that is, and you are that. Tat tvam asi. That’s how you get out of the fucking way.

Fucking up is not some remote danger for you. If anything, fucking up is a way of life if you are away from the darshan of God. Whatever you do, or don’t, is doomed and riddled with failure. The fear that, when you get greater spiritual power, you’ll fuck up with same ignorance but greater power, is unwarranted. If anything, power and knowledge/wisdom come from the same source and at the same time. I wield the same power as I write this, or when I manifest death to replace evil, or when I manifest light and energy to replace darkness and death. Sure, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll fuck up as you learn. I sure did my share of fucking up. However, you need to understand how it works: the part that fucks up, that’s you now. You do almost nothing but fuck up. It’s your normal “quantum state”. When you mix that with darshan, you become capable of something other than fucking up. Sure, you still fuck up, sometimes you misdirect blessings and cause havoc, but that hurts you and you quickly learn to stay away of that, the way you now stay away from very hot or sharp objects. But it’s not just power, this power is also knowledge, it’s the mind of God, and it’s also the righteousness of God. As you adjust to not being a small ape-thing that fucks up, you actually fuck up increasingly less, on a converging path

The biggest joke is, for each person that gets it, the reaction from the audience will be “good for him, but that doesn’t apply to me, because I wasn’t born enlightened, I am small and weak and sinful and fucked up and there’s no way that could ever apply to me”.
I’m usually the first exception – Danijel doesn’t count because he’s, well, Danijel.
Then Romana doesn’t count, she’s an exception.
Then Biljana doesn’t count, also an exception.
At which point will it “click”? I mean, the “if those people can do it, it’s incredibly obvious that it’s within my reach” kind of click. But, apparently, it’s always someone else who’s destined to be more enlightened. I’ve heard lots of talk about ego, whereby people mean its inflation, but from what I had the opportunity to witness, it’s actually the feeling that you’re small, worthless and undeserving of God, that is the most harmful and pernicious manifestation of what’s usually known as ego.