About truth

What I am currently feeling is helpless rage.

I’ve been reading the news about what’s going on in America in the recent days, how CIA and now Obama are spreading the narrative about Russians influencing the elections and, de facto, bringing “their man” to power in the USA.

Here’s how I see it. Truth exists. The main stream media in America and their vassal states, completely controlled by the structures close to the government, lied and lied and lied and tried to repress the truth and misinformed the public, deliberately, intentionally, systematically. However, the alternative media, either controlled by the Russian government or by private independent parties, broke the wall of lies by publishing the facts about what is going on – in Syria, in the Democratic party, in Hillary’s campaign, in America, in Wikileaks archives, in the world in general. Also, Trump was perceived as someone who is willing to break through the wall of lies at least partially, and tell what’s going on. A significant portion of the electorate saw what’s going on, they didn’t like being treated like idiots and manipulated by the people who hold them in contempt, and they voted for Trump, in numbers sufficient to grant him victory. That’s what happened.

The reason why am angry is that I know how CIA, Obama and the political establishment think. To them, there is no truth. There are only propagandistic narratives, and the one that prevails is the official truth. The concept that the Russians and Alex Jones told people the actual truth, the concept that their controlled media LIED, were revealed as liars, and rejected by the electorate, that makes no sense to them. To them, there is only “our” narrative and “our” candidate, and “their” narrative and “their” candidate, and if our narrative was defeated, that’s a bad thing that needs to be somehow corrected. Facts that contradict “our” narrative are “lies” that need to be suppressed. They are so much beyond remorse, beyond guilt, beyond the ability to understand that they are on the wrong side, or even that they did something wrong or that “wrong” even exist as a real thing, that those concepts don’t even have meaning for them. There is no truth, there is no justice outside of “my side winning”, and now they see the truth as some evil that managed to spoil their narrative, a hostile force that is to be labeled as falsehood, a lie, and repressed, so that nothing ever again is allowed to gain power against their will.

And I can’t do anything about it. I can only watch evil people do evil, without any power to interfere. It’s like watching some horrible injustice in a movie, that hurts to watch, and you know you cannot change the outcome whatever you do. That’s how I feel: helpless rage.