America is a shithole

Evidence most eloquently presented:

Not only did America turn into a 3rd world shithole, it’s exporting it to the rest of the Western world, which will inevitably, if it keeps copying American ideas and practices, follow along this path with the usual time delay.

What are the causes? Well, some of it is cultural – educate children poorly, remove religious teachings and moral criteria, introduce the value-destroying “human rights”, be lenient and accepting to deviants and criminals, be compassionate to the incompetent, promote incompetent minorities for the sake of “diversity”, and give everybody the right to vote regardless of their personal merit, and that’s what you get. Interestingly, that’s why the founding fathers of America decided against democracy and instead went for the republic; they knew democracy inevitably means poor voting to take money from the rich and dividing it among themselves, and I would also add that unrestricted democracy means inevitable degradation of the social and cultural level to the lowest common denominator of the unwashed masses. But yeah, by all means let’s copy what America did, that’s what we need, to become a 3rd world shithole that they are. Just watch your gender pronouns and everything will be fine.