I haven’t been writing anything here for a month, so here’s a quick update.

That condo I’ve been living in, the one damaged in the Zagreb earthquake of 2020, has been sprouting leaks through the damaged hydro-isolation layer on the roof for the last year and a half, and it quite suddenly got so bad it flooded the boiler room, destroying the equipment inside and basically leaving us without hot water and central heating during winter. Also, the main bedroom and bathroom had so many water leaks through the ceiling and walls, with black mold forming rapidly, that we had to evacuate.

Fortunately, the backup heating (5 air conditioning units) worked, so we were not freezing at any point, but showering in cold water in December is not an experience I would recommend to friends. 🙂 We had to quickly find a reasonably suitable house, and I decided to rent and not buy, because we are still facing a major global crisis and I felt gold is better than bricks in such a scenario; I’m basically spending sacrificial cash to protect the metal before the storm. I know the plan was originally to save money in form of gold in order to buy a house, but now that I can do it, I don’t think it’s a good idea at the moment and I went for the delayed gratification route. The house I’m in now is much safer in case I need to dig in, but I’m treating it more like very fancy shelter, than a home.

This process of moving five people and tons of stuff took several weeks, from the point where I decided that we need to do it, to the point where we had all our stuff at the new location, and it was super stressful and labor-intensive, and we all came down with a flu of some kind; I don’t know if it’s of the beer variety or not, and I don’t care because it’s nothing particularly serious, just the usual snivel fest of early winter, and we all look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

So, basically, now that I’m not packing or moving, and I’m recovering from the flu, I can finally write a heads up. The interesting thing about the flu is that I’m recovering very slowly, which reminds me of the beer flu I had in 2020, but I can’t be sure. In any case, my prepping again came in handy because we couldn’t go to the store to get the groceries when we were all sick, so we actually tapped into our food storage and got the bread machine out of the box, too; Mihael is the only one who didn’t get the virus, probably because his immune system is so strong he’d have to get AIDS just to be normal. 🙂 It’s also an opportunity for him to drive now that he has a license and a car, so all is good. 🙂


America is a shithole

Evidence most eloquently presented:

Not only did America turn into a 3rd world shithole, it’s exporting it to the rest of the Western world, which will inevitably, if it keeps copying American ideas and practices, follow along this path with the usual time delay.

What are the causes? Well, some of it is cultural – educate children poorly, remove religious teachings and moral criteria, introduce the value-destroying “human rights”, be lenient and accepting to deviants and criminals, be compassionate to the incompetent, promote incompetent minorities for the sake of “diversity”, and give everybody the right to vote regardless of their personal merit, and that’s what you get. Interestingly, that’s why the founding fathers of America decided against democracy and instead went for the republic; they knew democracy inevitably means poor voting to take money from the rich and dividing it among themselves, and I would also add that unrestricted democracy means inevitable degradation of the social and cultural level to the lowest common denominator of the unwashed masses. But yeah, by all means let’s copy what America did, that’s what we need, to become a 3rd world shithole that they are. Just watch your gender pronouns and everything will be fine.


I’ve been reluctant to write anything lately, mostly because I feel like I have nothing more to say at this point. Well, nothing that would be relevant to the present situation, at least. Both economy and politics are in a phase where the explosive mixture has been established and we are waiting for the right kind of spark.

As for the disaster preparedness, I would keep this a priority – and I don’t mean just having a bug-out backpack ready. I mean saving money, primarily in form of precious metals, but also cash, and having it ready in various forms, in case you need to react to the worsening of the situation in your immediate environment. By this I mean primarily the good people who live in America or some other potentially explosive parts of the world, who might find themselves in a situation that quickly escalates into riots, barricades and war of some kind. Keep yourself mobile enough to be able to get away from the X if excrement starts hitting the impeller, to put it politely. You know what I mean by mobility – have enough cash at hand to react quickly, and a car full of gas. Also, everything you need to stay online and keep working (laptop, smartphone, chargers), because the moment you stop being able to make money is the beginning of a serious personal crisis for you and your family. I don’t know what to tell you to expect – from what we’ve seen so far, the situation has a tendency to vary wildly between parts of the world, and the undertones of the beginnings of a global crisis are mixed with local disasters; for instance, if you live in Donbass, having mobility means being able to evacuate into Russia where your level of acute danger will drop exponentially, but you will still be in danger of an American nuclear attack, which, to be sure, is very much on the table now that Trump, who got in the way of Armageddon plans, is out of the picture and the old team is back in power. If you’re in America, you might be in the most dangerous place on the planet at the moment, because you live in a country that is simultaneously provoking a nuclear power (China) and a nuclear and space tech superpower (Russia), and if things escalate, they might escalate very quickly, in a way where significant parts of America reach temperature hotter than the surface of the Sun. To be sure, America doesn’t seem to need this kind of foreign assistance and is working on destroying itself quite thoroughly on its own accord, but I simply don’t see America going quietly into the night. As they degrade, they will try to pull others with them, and will eventually and inevitably cross some red line which will make the creation of “The day after: a documentary” an inevitability.

As for the economy, the ideal opportunity to earn lots of money quickly will soon turn into an ideal opportunity to lose it all if you didn’t convert it into gold and silver in time. Basically, when the collapse starts, it will happen very quickly, because of all the computer trading and fast digital connections, and you won’t be able to react in time and pull it out unless you’ve been acting proactively. Basically, if you don’t hold the Krugerrands, you hold the bag.

As for the spiritual preparations, that’s been going on quite intensively for basically everyone I’ve been talking to lately, so I don’t even have to mention it. The “guys up there” have that part handled and people have been going through an accelerated regimen of learning important lessons dealing with their personal karmic makeup, and also a process of detachment from the world. I don’t know in which phase the process is at the moment, but I personally have been ready to go for quite some time, and my personal nightmare isn’t related to all of this ending – it’s related to it going on endlessly. Whenever my ride away from here comes, it will be later than I desire and hope. In the meantime, I’m making plans to endure whatever disaster happens first.

To let you know how seriously I’m taking the preparations, let me just say that the condo I’m renting at the moment has a leak in the roof just above my bed, and all sorts of cracks in the walls, as a consequence of all those earthquakes in Croatia in the past year, and I still didn’t move because I don’t want to expend significant resources before I know where the lightning will actually strike; but I’m sitting on enough money to be able to move immediately and without hesitation if I feel that the right kind of opening was formed. Basically, I prioritize having potential energy to having a good static situation, because we are at a point where good static situations can turn into hellholes on very little notice.


I’m having persistent health issues that look increasingly like spring allergy, and the fact that all kinds of plants are blossoming at the moment, and I’m literally drowning in allergens, is making this diagnosis very likely. This doesn’t exclude the possibility that I’m also having a low-level viral infection that’s messing with my immune system: it happened last year and the symptoms were similar, but this year, so far so good – the symptoms are mild. Regardless, I’m not feeling well, and the combination of factors also resulted in sudden weight gain in the last month, coinciding precisely with the health issues, namely high level of cortisol in my system.

Due to all this, I decided to take a spring vacations and go to Hvar, where such issues usually either improve or disappear completely after a while.