American economy collapse

What I need to point out is that the primary factor in all my assessments about gold, silver and so on is the state of the American economy. Let me put it in very clear terms. American economy is clinically dead and on life support, and we’re waiting for something to happen that will make it apparent to all, and then all hell will break loose.

What’s currently going on there is the endgame of the fallacious thinking that stock market is the true indicator of the state of the economy. It is not, because this indicator has been gamed for decades. Basically, it’s all smoke and mirrors, or to be exact, an artifact produced by firing competent people who “cost company money” because they are doing research and development, and taking huge low-interest loans (after using up cash reserves) to buy back own stock, which of course raises the stock price into the sky, but the actual value of the company decreases because it has less cash reserves, more debt and less competent people to do the actual work. This policy became the best way for companies to quickly enrich the shareholders and is the reason why the managers who do it receive such stellar bonuses. Unfortunately, as a result of this practice the whole American economy now consists of pencil pushers and “financial experts”, while the actual work is done elsewhere.

So, everybody who points out their stock market to prove that American economy is doing great is selling you bullshit. All of that money basically enriches a very thin layer of people while the actual companies are empoverished at an exponential rate, and it’s contageous because when one company starts doing it the others have to follow in order to stay competitive. And since the stock market valuation is used as one of the legs of the currency backing (along with the mortgages and gold reserves), this means that all those huge amounts of money printed have no actual backing, because the stock prices were inflated by financial trickery and not an actual rise in fundamentals.

Boeing is a good example: it achieved great stock prices by firing thousands of engineers, to the point where it is now in serious shit because, guess what, its plane was engineered poorly. Also, its liabilities are several billions greater than its assets. Will it be the bankruptcy of Boeing or some other fortune 500 company that starts the avalanche, doesn’t really matter, because they are all profoundly fucked and it’s only a matter of time before this bubble pops, and when it pops, it’s the end for America, because there can be no recovery from this, because it’s the entire structure that’s rotten: the society, the economy, the politics, and the young people who should pull this off are snowflakes who spend their time trying to figure out their gender.