An update

Remember a year ago, when I first started talking about gold? Let’s see the snapshot of the gold price at that time:

That was then. This is now:

Price difference +10000 €/kg.

Also, there’s that other difference: at that time I was recommending that you prepare for a medium-level disaster which is highly likely going to precede the complete SHTF scenario and a civilization-ending event. Well, about that medium-level disaster: we’re there. Do my recommendations still hold? Yes and no. This means, if you followed them in time, good for you, you still have money now. Is it still time to buy gold? Well, if you had a 1kg equivalent of gold in savings a year ago, and you had it in euros and didn’t convert to metal, you now have 750g, which is one 250g gold bar less. If you wait longer, you’ll still have the same number in euros, but it will probably buy a bag of rice. So yes, the best year to buy gold was 2005. If you didn’t do it then, late 2018 was good. If you didn’t do it in 2018, or a year ago when you thought I’d gone crazy because I started talking about hoarding gold ASAP, well, now you’re fucked and all your options are weak. You already lost a quarter of your liquid assets, if you had any, and now you’re forced to choose between buying gold at the all-time high, during a scarcity situation that caused an additional price hike, and with reduced availability, or you can wait and hope everything will be great somehow and you’ll be able to buy a Krugerrand for 350€ like you could in 2005. If you don’t have savings, now is actually a good time to have cash, because we’re not preparing for a crisis any more, we’re in the middle of one. Now is the time to have liquidity if you have to stock up on food, or pay the bills.

Just remember: when I originally issued warnings, everything seemed to be fine and my warning seemed crazy. Now that it sounds great in hindsight, you are no longer in a position to do anything about it. That might apply to other things, as well, so yeah.