A general warning was issued “from above” day before yesterday and yesterday. It’s a very simple message and I think everybody with astral sensitivity should be able to perceive and interpret it. It says, basically “prepare, it’s almost time”.

I’ve seen a lot of the astral plane in the last few weeks, and I’ve seen nothing there that would suggest rebuilding of the Earth, or any kind of future here. On the contrary, there were extensive preparations on the astral plane for the future *there*, so although it wasn’t explicitly stated, I don’t think the message meant “prepare in order to survive”, but “prepare to leave this place detached and with your affairs in order”.

Nevertheless, in case of the worst case scenario (that being more disasters that don’t actually kill us), I raised my family’s alert level from “yellow” (meaning, nothing is imminent but we need to maintain a state of readiness) to “red” (meaning, have everything ready in case we need to evacuate the building with backpacks).

Yeah, I’m a ray of sunshine. 🙂