Blaming the boomers

I just watched a video by Wranglerstar where he blames the “boomers” and their selfish greed for the conditions in the present-day America, and I wasn’t very happy with him, so I wrote a comment which I’m reposting here, so that it wouldn’t get lost:

It has nothing to do with the “boomers”. The problem is that America attracted all the wealth and human capital from Europe that was destroyed in WW2, this human and material wealth created a burst of prosperity, which was spent, and when it was spent, you went into debt in order to continue riding that wave long after its momentum was exhausted. Not only that, but the petrodollar scheme meant that you could export your inflation to the rest of the world, because people outside America had to buy dollars with real assets in order to buy oil, and you could just print the stuff. That’s why the standard of living in America used to be so outrageously higher than anywhere else in the world. It’s not because you have such a great constitution or anything; you were just the only ones undamaged by the two consecutive world wars. Before WW1, there was no difference between you and Argentina or Chile. Now that you spent everything and went tenfold that much into debt, you’re starting to have the kind of life we in Europe had for a very long time, and of course you’re not happy about it, so you started another war in Europe in order to, again, wreck it for everybody else and hope to be the last ones left standing, and repeat the post-WW2 era that went so wonderfully for you. What you might find out is that the times where wars could not reach your shores are long gone, and the rest of the world doesn’t hate you because of your freedom, they hate you because you extracted resources and propagated wars and corruption in other countries, as can be seen in Biden/Burisma files. So, don’t talk to me about boomers, because in my country the boomers worked very hard and had nothing to show for it, and had to grow up in countries pulverized by war, suffered from malnutrition and they still managed to create the post-war Europe, and they had to compete with America – unrazed, with all the world’s gold and all the best engineers and scientists attracted from Europe. You went to the Moon with German scientists and Bretton Woods gold, while my boomer father had rickets from post-war malnutrition and worked very hard every single day translating scientific and engineering materials from and to French and Italian and had to go work as a translator on a construction site in Algeria among vipers, scorpions and heat to be able to afford the down payment for a small apartment. So, you Americans can now cry me a river and I will bathe in your tears.