Russia is advancing rapidly in the Kharkov direction. The Ukrainians are trying to re-route troops from other fronts in order to stop them, with the effect of losing in other places and getting the troops killed en-route. I also noticed passive-aggressive behaviour of the Ukrainians in Kharkov and other places towards the fascists in power – basically, they are waiting for the Russians to come and for this terrible Ukrainian experiment to end.

The Russians shot down multiple HARM rockets in the last few days; analysis: the Americans and the British are trying to destroy enough air defence systems on the Belgorod path for cruise missiles to go through and hit some soft high-visibility target in Russia, in order to score some kind of a propaganda victory or whatever. This is going to trigger a pre-authorised response by Russia, and it might even be nuclear.

Essentially, the Russians are doing quite well, Ukraine is coming to an end, and the Americans have a choice to either give up or double down. All indications point towards them doubling down.