Egalitarianism, and why nobody really believes in it

I’m thinking about the implicit assumptions of egalitarianism, and it seems that those people who advocate for it: the feminists, communists, egalitarians; they all assume a weird kind of power dynamics where those who are superior exploit and abuse those who are inferior. However, things don’t seem to work that way. In patriarchal societies power is always a two-way street. Yes, you are in charge of your wife and children. However, being in charge means you are responsible for their well-being. It is your duty to see that everybody is in the best possible state. Power and duty are well balanced, and it’s actually a male biological instinct, which fails only in very fucked up and psychotic specimens. The problem is, when you give women power, they don’t have those instincts and they treat power as something that doesn’t come with conditions and duties, and as a rule, a woman in power is a monster who doesn’t understand the limits. The Hindus mythologized this very nicely in the story about Kali, the embodiment of female power, which on its own behaves like a blind force of chaos and destruction, and can only be stopped and controlled by Shiva, the embodiment of male power. Essentially, when women are left without men or when they are put in charge, they go crazy, often in very dangerous ways, and I would say the reason for that is they don’t have instinctual genetic guidance for those circumstances, because all functional human societies were always patriarchal, and women always functioned in those circumstances, so that’s all their genetics knows how to handle. You can now say that reason overrides genetics, and I say good luck with this theory, because for most humans reason is what they use to do what their instinctual genetic drives tell them is worth attaining. If you put a woman in power, she behaves like a power-drunk crazy person, on one hand, and on the other hand she feels resentful because she feels there ought to be a superior man in charge of her, and if there isn’t, it’s wrong, she feels like she is forced to do someone else’s work.
So, egalitarianism. Let’s ignore the physical part – even the men who work in construction do it using machines, where you basically pull levers and push buttons, and that’s all the strength you need to operate a crane or a tractor. Women can do it as well, so that’s not the central issue. The central issue is, what happens if it turns out that female hypergamy is a healthy genetic instinct which assumes that a woman must find a partner one step above her own status? What if it proves that men and women are not equal, but in a normal society, for the smartest and most capable woman in the world there will always be one man who is just that much smarter and more capable than her, that she is meant to fall in love with because her place is with him. However, it is also natural that the worst men are expendable. The lowest 10%, or whatever actual percentage it is, are such idiots that it is better to use them as cannon fodder than let them reproduce. That’s why women normally avoid useless men as a plague, and feel offended if they address them at all. That’s because women naturally aim above, they look for a worthy boss, not someone “equal”, and certainly not someone inferior. As a woman, if you are not cared for by someone who is in charge of things, traditionally you end up very badly. So, essentially, egalitarianism is something that is desired only by those on the bottom of the barrel, because it would improve their chances, but it’s exactly for this reason why it should not be allowed. Everybody but the worst human refuse will do better in a patriarchal meritocracy.
It’s interesting how women will say they like egalitarianism, until you point them towards an inferior man and ask them if they would have sex with him, and watch the disgusted expression on their faces. Also, they are all for the distribution of wealth, until you tell them that their sexuality is also a form of wealth and they should share it with those men who are too fucked up, ugly and poor to be able to find a woman, and again, watch the expression on their faces. For the most part, egalitarianism is just a posture, and internally people behave as if they are in a set of hierarchies; women have a hierarchy of beauty, men have a hierarchy of power, scientists have a hierarchy, pilots have a hierarchy, and a meta-hierarchy is called civilisation.

  • Dario

    Here’s a little story.

    I got an email this morning telling me I have been reported for violation of community standards as multiple members flagged three of my posts in a discussion as inappropriate, and then the moderators came rushing in.

    It’s a relatively small community of hardware enthusiasts that try to develop new types of computer input devices and perfect existing ones. Mostly it’s about mechanical keyboards. People write their own firmwares, make CNC milled aluminium cases, draw and produce PCBs and things like that. Some are just into pretty keycaps.

    So, what have I did?
    Well, there was a guy who posted his little keyboard made of two layers of plexiglass, with a PCB and RGB diodes sandwiched in between, and I wrote a comment “This thing is perfect, I bet it’ll get you drowning in pussy.”

    In my eyes, it was a joke and a compliment at the same time.
    In their eyes… well, I don’t know what it was, something horrible apparently.

    And it’s not like anybody is having a problem with a sentence that could possibly be interpreted as an arrogant attitude toward women. No, what they have a problem is a pussy itself, because I’m portraying her as sexually desirable, and it’s obviously something exclusively female, not gender neutral. I’m not making this shit up. :))) Just look at the warning.

    I mean, this SJW thing is getting really hilarious. It really badly got out of hand. Being harassed by those colorless, tasteless, limp-wristed whimps on a hardware-specific forum? Seriously?

    If it was a woman who reported me, perhaps I would understand. But no, I’m sure with absolute certainty that those were all men, because there are no women in this hardware-specific matters.

    I swear to God, I’ve been there for years. There are three major forums around this subject, few thousand members, and I have never-ever seen a female there. Not a single one. None. And it’s all free, anybody could easily register and contribute their content. But, apparently, when it comes to Atmel ATmega32u4 microcontroller and changing a few lines of code in QMK, females simply don’t give a shit. So much for the egalitarianism and gender equality.

    • Danijel Turina

      It’s those new generations of wimps who were educated (read: indoctrinated) in the American universities, even in the technical fields, and especially in California. Almost everybody in the big tech companies who is under 30 is this kind of an idiot. That’s the world we live in.

    • anon

      You know why you don’t get any women on those forums? Because when dad buys a computer to his son so that the kid can play games, the daughter gets squat.

      Daughters simply did not get computers. Sons did. So how would a woman even start learning that shit, when she has no access to equipment nor any support even if she wanted to learn it?

      It’s been changing for the new generations, simply because computers are more ubiquitous and necessary. But the Facebook generations only want to be happy users, instead of creators, so now that’s the deciding factor.

      Besides, I’m a woman who learned soldering to fix up her fancy mechanical keyboard, so screw your stereotyping.

      • Danijel Turina

        I don’t think it’s that. I know a woman who is a professional programmer and who first learned to code on punched cards on a UNIVAC and was super motivated about it all, didn’t get anything from her parents and figured it out all by herself. But yes, she’s lesbian. 🙂 A good argument could be made that it’s a sexual orientation thing, and not a gender thing. It’s certainly not a matter of difference in innate ability between the sexes.
        However, some people just have a knack for some things and not others. My brother, for instance, always had a knack for electronics, unlike me. I, however, had a knack for programming, while he just couldn’t get the hang of it. Another example is that most men can’t seem to figure women out; for me, it was completely easy and I never saw what the problem was, until I understood that they just can’t place themselves in a woman’s shoes – they lack empathy, and that’s why women’s actions seem strange and incomprehensible to them. Similarly, I think most women just can’t figure out why one would waste time tinkering with obscure things when, in their mind, lots of more important things claim your focus, such as personal relations. I’m a mixed bag: I can spend a day learning how to program a calculator to find all prime numbers in a range in RPL, and I’m also completely skilled in solving human emotional issues. On the other hand, there are things I can’t do to save my life, such as painting or playing music, I just have zero talent. So, if I can admit that I just suck at some things, why do women get so riled up when they are confronted with the fact that they suck at something? Probably because they were indoctrinated to believe that things that men do well are the only valuable ones, and if you are traditionally female, you’re a worthless slave.

        • anon

          It’s interesting that in the days of punch cards, women were more represented as programmers and it was seen as commonplace. I likewise know a woman who taught herself programming and studied math at uni, she now works with facial recognition software in Switzerland and is most assuredly not a lesbian. And I know examples of women programmers from the 80s who went on to have children and hetero families, so I’m not so sure about your one sample analysis.

          You say that you find it easy to put yourself in women’s shoes, and on a deep spiritual level, I don’t doubt that it’s true. However, you didn’t grow up as a woman. When I finished trivial tasks such as doing the dishes or tidying up, I was heaped with praise. But when I opened up the VCR, or opened up the computer to take out hard disks, or taught myself basic programming from an IBM book in French, I got nothing. A shrug at best, panic that I’ll fuck it up at worst. Have you ever been told that if you can make coffee, you can get married? If you can cook well, you’re set for life! Nothing else you do has value. That praise for doing the dishes was disgusting to receive.

          In that pervasive climate, how likely is it for a random woman to pick up anything computer related? It’s heavily disincentivized. Even your lesbian friend had to fight through in order to achieve what she has. Perhaps in the 80s it was more accepted for women to be programmers because it hadn’t been stereotyped into a male role yet. Afterwards, the social pressure was too high for those who weren’t strongly innately motivated to get into it.

          What you see as innate tendency, I see as a consequence of social pressuring and conditioning. The truth is probably that both of these factors have some degree of effect. I’m aware that both myself and my friend in Switzerland are outliers in a sense. But the pressure and conditioning we had to fight through is very real.

          I’m a mixed bag myself. I taught myself basic programming because there was no other way to get the computer to create pretty pictures, sounds and interactive stories. I didn’t learn how to replace computer parts because I was innately interested in those, but because these were the skills and tools I needed in order to achieve what I wanted. If we’re talking about innate interest, mine fit into a more stereotypically feminine role, yet I’ve comfortably dabbled in the stereotypically male ones to get where I wanted. To have some guy tell me I’d be better off in the kitchen and making kids is quite frankly insulting. Any animal can have offspring and feed them. Shouldn’t we all strive for more? I could never be happy in the role of a housewife, even if it was on a profoundly spiritual and refined level. I would feel crippled for the potential to develop in a direction that feels true to my inner core. Once you have kids, your personal development is secondary to their needs.

          Maybe the specifics of what we do are irrelevant as long as we do it from a deeper spiritual foundation. But in that case, should a yogi be perfectly satisfied working as a cashier at a supermarket? Or would he rather develop his intellect and skills to the highest level he is capable of, and find occupation on that level? Why should this be any different for a woman? I just don’t get it, and this recent anti-feminist sentiment disgusts me. I gave it a fair chance but it seems to elicit the worst, most primitive stereotyping from men towards women. If this continues, we’re going to need actual first wave feminists again, or women will be treated the way they are in Saudi Arabia. Just recently they finally got the right to drive cars.

          • Danijel Turina

            I’m reading what you wrote, and it’s so wrought with self-pity, whining, poor-me victimhood I’m just about ready to throw up the breakfast I didn’t even have yet. Oh, the cruel world didn’t understand you? They cast you into a role? Oh, injustice, oh cruelty! They wanted you to marry and have children and not do menial work in electronics? How could they project such a demeaning and humiliating fate upon you?
            And yeah, in your words, your one-sample analysis is also worthless, so let’s talk reality.
            Human life isn’t about emancipation. It isn’t about living your dreams. It is about not allowing the immense tide of darkness and despair that is this world to swallow you so completely, that after death you are unable to recall your true nature. Satan sold you on a story that this place is about emancipation and spiritual evolution. It is not. Nobody spiritually evolves in a place so thoroughly cut off from the presence of God. Only in the presence of God can there be spiritual evolution. The best one can do in this life is find what you’re good at, sort the list descending by how much money one can make with it as priority 1, and how not fucked up it will make you as priority 2, and try out the first few choices in practice, in order to assure yourself a peaceful and comfortable existence while you try to maintain your spiritual connection with God through meditation. Essentially, the goal of this is damage control, because in this life there can be no victory.
            And btw, if your chosen lifestyle was so fulfilling, why does your entire message ooze with misery, regret and failure? Maybe because, despite your love of feminism, it’s a philosophy that is deeply hostile to everything feminine and tries to humiliate it in every possible way, painting masculinity and traditionally male things as the only way of emancipation, and when gullible women followed this theory, they ended deeply and thoroughly fucked, wallowing in self-pity and regret, but still unable to figure out the actual problem, and re-doubling their feminist rhetoric.
            To paraphrase the feminists, women need feminism like a fish needs a bicycle.
            And yes, a yogi would be perfectly content working as a cashier in a supermarket. I personally make a living as a manager of a glorified cashier service. People buy shit online and I get chiching. This, of course, makes me a stupid, non-emancipated worthless non-person in your worldview, because I should strive for more worldly recognition and fame to fill my inner emptiness. Oh wait…

            • Danijel Turina

              And BTW, to get your pathetic whining in perspective, let me tell you what parental support my brother and I got for our efforts in programming, electronics and other things.
              My brother is an electronics genius who was able to do very complex shit, from audio amplifiers to ISA cards with ADC reading sensors. To my parents, he was a loser who is wasting his life tinkering with wires. Did he whine about it and snivel about them trying to cast him into some role? No, he knew they are assholes and he did his own thing and built a career in electronics.
              I was learning how to program in turbo vision and object windows when object programming was the new thing few even heard about, and to my parents it was all just worthless sitting at the computer wasting time and getting in the way since the “computer room” was part of the kitchen. The books about yoga and religion I was reading were nonsense and bullshit. The science fiction books I was reading were nonsense and bullshit. When I made a big telephone bill for modem connection to the ISP, it was a waste and I was seen as a worthless parasite. You know what I did? I did my own thing, because I knew they are assholes. I moved away and never looked back, and I wouldn’t even give it a thought had I not been reminded by your pathetic loser-whine fest. Go fuck yourself with your feminist trash.

              • anon

                I suppose you’ll keep your views and I’ll keep mine, then.

                • Danijel Turina

                  Actually I’ll have my views and you’ll have whatever you copied from the Internet forums as most useful for getting likes and sympathy.