The dead end of material progress

There seems to be something very wrong with the idea of progress and progressivism, in a sense that it seems to be a Trojan horse that’s filled by an entire army of bad ideas, ever since the times of humanism and the French revolution.

The progress was obvious and clearly visible in the beginning, but the whole thing was accompanied by the undercurrent of materialistic philosophy, which basically said that nobody will need God if he has indoor plumbing, electricity, sanitation, antibiotics, vaccines, education and wealth, basically assuming that God is some sort of a poor substitute for material wellbeing that will be achieved through progress.

In the meantime, the idea of progress reached a dead end, because the stated goals were either achieved completely, or shown to be completely unachievable, so now we have a civilisation that is addicted to the idea of progress but ran out of ideas about what direction further progress should take. Some are trying to absorb themselves into some kind of a virtual existence, basically increasing the level of illusion they inhabit by 1, the others worship Elon Musk who “invents” things that are either trivial and iterative, or nonsensical, others are trying to invent the new, improved digital gold, while others are obsessed with the navel gazing idiocy of gender and identity.

In the end, it has been demonstrated that all this real and supposed progress is a poor and unsatisfactory substitute for God – the opposite of the original thesis.

True progress, as it would be measured by the saints and angels, is to be closer to God, in both essence and will. This is the only way to attain true and lasting happiness and fulfilment. Removing material problems through progress is commendable, but happiness is not a mere absence of material misery. Happiness is something that happens when you are close to God. But for a civilisation that abandoned God and tried so hard for centuries to remove Him from every aspect of our lives, happiness is always a mirage in the future, something that will eventually happen once you get the n-th dose of some vaccine, once you get a new phone or a laptop, once you get that new electric car, once you remove sources of carbon dioxide, once you kill and eat all the rich people, once you get Dogecoin to the Moon, and Bitcoin replaces gold, and you get plugged into some Matrix where you will be enslaved by those who control your physical existence.

For saints and angels, happiness and fulfilment are now, because God is here.

God is the reality, and there is no happiness possible in illusions.

Apocalypse now

We are living in the worst part of the end times, where the Whore, the Beast and the Antichrist are having an orgy of blasphemy, rape and murder of all that is holy and precious to God, all righteousness is being persecuted and all villainy and sin is being advertised, promoted and implemented as obligatory practice. If we manage not to get murdered or hang ourselves in despair, we might live to see God putting an end to all this by throwing them all back to the deepest pits of hell whence they all came from.



Yesterday in Zagreb there was a rage murder where the circumstances are still unclear, but according to the evidence at hand, an older man was walking his dog and the dog’s leash stretched across the path, and another man riding his bike hit the leash, and the dog walker commented something along the lines of “watch where you’re going, moron”, which was quite out of place and arrogant considering that he was obviously the one in the wrong and had actually endangered the other man’s safety with his careless behavior. The other man seems to have thought so as well, so he stopped, they had an altercation, the bike rider struck the dog walker in the head with some object and killed him, and went his way.

It’s not that I necessarily don’t understand the situation, because it was not once that people’s arrogant actions, where they are the ones at fault, and instead of offering an apology they actually yell something at you, enraged me significantly, but murder does indeed feel a bit excessive, and I would instead advise pepper spray.

But seriously, this feeling of hatred and murderous rage in the global astral field is something I’ve been feeling for years already and it’s at the boiling point, where I would recommend extreme caution and self-control, because it is quite easy to fall prey to it and commit some extreme act that you wouldn’t normally do. Also, it is my opinion that the fascists in power chose a very bad time to oppress people, because people who are boiling with so much rage that they are willing to murder each other over minor disputes might prove to be the wrong crowd to fuck with.

Whom to believe?

Last night I was thinking about why reputation destruction attempts are so rampant online, and why all political sides try to discredit the opponent instead of his arguments, and on the other hand some people act as if all arguments are on the order of “Rome is in Italy” where the person making the statement doesn’t matter. Of course the person making the statement matters; if you’re reading investment advice, Warren Buffet’s opinion is going to carry much more weight than the opinion of some random person on Reddit. That’s why it would be a problem if we had to read all opinions completely unsigned, divorced from the “brand” of the author, and then I thought – the weight we give to the information we read is a product of the weight of the argument itself, and the perceived weight of the person/entity making the argument.

You are going to take something much more seriously if it comes from a reputable source. Also, if a formerly reputable source abuses the trust invested in them by all the previously sound information they have been giving, and starts spreading propaganda, their “brand weight” is going to degrade and people aren’t going to put much trust in their opinions anymore. We saw that already with the news networks, which have degraded to the point where they are the least trustworthy sources out there, but also with corporations like Boeing, and, unfortunately, science – which has been corrupted so terribly by financial influences, policies that favor publishing questionable work often over publishing solid work infrequently, political influences and so on. Basically, I went from a position of treating scientific articles and publications as mostly rock solid in 1980s and 1990s, to a position where I now see them as obfuscated garbage until proven otherwise. This is unfortunate, because I already treated everything the governments are saying as deception until proven otherwise, I treated “news” as propaganda, lies and deception until proven otherwise, and I can also add science as something that’s manufactured on demand by industry and politics, and has no scientific value until proven otherwise. Essentially, my weighing of various “brands” has changed from positive to zero or negative, which leaves me with a very realistic conundrum: whom are we to believe, and are we actually better off with all those sources of (dis)information around, than we would be if it all stopped bombarding us with worthless, deceptive bullshit altogether? Basically, if Internet went down permanently, would that really be a bad thing? At least the liars would have their mouths shut finally, and deluded people would have to depart from their insane echo chambers, if not voluntarily, then because their Borg interconnection hardware stopped working, and Big Brother TV stopped broadcasting.

The painful thought that follows this is, whether people who got liberated from the brainwashing machine would actually bother to turn their brains on, or is it really their aversion to independent thought that created the addiction to the brainwashing machine in the first place? It’s not that people believe that Earth is flat in the 21st century due to lack of evidence; they believe in lies because truth doesn’t make them feel special and important enough. They believe in lies because they prefer it that way.

A plebiscite on America

I was watching this video just now:

Then I thought about this:

Traditionally, nations have waged war by mustering armies, defeating their enemies in battle, and despoiling their lands and cities. Only after total victory is the process of remaking a society feasible.
But America in Afghanistan sought a shortcut, and by ‘shortcut’ Cockburn means ‘something that takes ten times as long but doesn’t look as nasty for TV cameras’. America hoped that with enough half-baked social engineering in the half of Afghanistan it controlled, it would eventually be rewarded with victory, and Afghanistan would become the Holland of the Hindu Kush. On Ivy League campuses, students are taught to decry ‘colonialism’, but the Ivy League diplomats who sought to remake Afghanistan in Harvard’s image were among the most ambitious practitioners of it in world history.

So, alongside the billions for bombs went hundreds of millions for gender studies in Afghanistan. According to US government reports, $787 million was spent on gender programs in Afghanistan, but that substantially understates the actual total, since gender goals were folded into practically every undertaking America made in the country.

A recent report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) broke down the difficulties of the project. For starters, in both Dari and Pastho there are no words for ‘gender’. That makes sense, since the distinction between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ was only invented by a sexually-abusive child psychiatrist in the 1960s, but evidently Americans were caught off-guard. Things didn’t improve from there. Under the US’s guidance, Afghanistan’s 2004 constitution set a 27 percent quota for women in the lower house — higher than the actual figure in America! A strategy that sometimes required having women represent provinces they had never actually been to. Remarkably, this experiment in ‘democracy’ created a government few were willing to fight for, let alone die for.

The initiatives piled up one after another. Do-gooders established a ‘National Masculinity Alliance’, so a few hundred Afghan men could talk about their ‘gender roles’ and ‘examine male attitudes that are harmful to women’.


And then I thought: yes, it makes sense. The Afghans compared the two evils – the Taliban, who subjugate women and implement Sharia, and the Americans, who don’t believe in God, introduce insane ideas that contradict all common sense and the way people want to live, emotionally and socially castrate men, forcefully infest all institutions with incompetent women (incompetent because that’s what you get with gender quotas), and turn everything into a mockery of nature and a lunatic asylum. So, when the Americans withdrew, it was a plebiscite on America when people basically stood down and let the Taliban take over, because nothing can be worse than America. That’s not because they are backward savages. If Hitler by some miracle rose from the dead now, at least 70% of Europe would greet him as a savior and beg him to deliver us from the American evil. That’s what we think about America and the insane mental garbage it’s exporting into the world. They are worse than the Taliban, because at least the Taliban have some principles they adhere to. America doesn’t even believe in itself, let alone something greater. So, you will ask, why are then all those people hanging on to American planes, desperately struggling to go to America? It’s obvious: because they are human garbage who left their wives, sisters, mothers and daughters to be sex slaves to the Taliban, and they are trying to get some of American money they got used to during the occupation. That’s the profile of people America is able to attract at this point. Human garbage loves them, and the rest would rather have Hitler or the Taliban, than their idiocy that denigrates and mocks millennia of our civilization.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t like the Taliban any more than I like the Americans, but I think the white people created everything that’s good in this civilization and most of what is good in the world in general, I don’t think there should be gender or race quotas, I think diversity is an unworthy goal and meritocracy is the only relevant criterion: give everybody access, and those who succeed at something deserved it because they are better. Yes, I believe some people are better than others, that’s called discrimination and it’s a good thing, in fact discrimination is the best thing, and we used to believe that when our civilization was truly our civilization and we had the right to be proud of ourselves. That was when men held doors open for women, when women and men respected each other, and everybody knew what female and male roles are. For us here in Europe, voting “no” to American bullshit wouldn’t mean getting the Taliban to run our countries, it would mean getting the insane garbage with green hair the fuck out, and learning how to act like ladies and gentlemen, where people actually talked to each other instead of swiping right on Tinder.

And of course, all the insane leftist garbage – overweight, genderqueer, and with hair painted in violent, poisonous colours of warning, along with all the politicians and “journalists” on CIA and Soros payroll  – would hang from American cargo planes taking off from Europe, too, and good fucking riddance as far as I’m concerned.