False positives

There have recently been concerns over COVID19 tests that return positive results at excessive rates.

There is a real danger in those tests, because when you combine a perception of a deadly disease that justifies all measures in order to control it, and a test that returns excessive positive results, you get two problems.

The first problem is a perception in public that the threat is out of control and that further powers need to be given to the “authorities”, which raises the question “cui bono”. Basically, if we accept the premise that the entire COVID19 overreaction was engineered to increase state power and take power away from the individuals, by nefarious actors behind the scene, tests that create exaggerated sense of threat would fit this narrative perfectly, because who benefits from this hysteria not winding down?

The second problem is a corollary of the first: if there’s a perception in the public that COVID19 is a deadly threat that justifies drastic measures of containment, a person of interest to the “authorities” is “tested” and found “positive” (the general public wouldn’t perceive the quotation marks), and if people in hazmat suits accompanied by police pick that person up and take him to a direction unknown, but assumed to be a special quarantine facility, and that person is later reported to have died of the illness, nobody would really raise an eyebrow because, after all, COVID19 is deadly. And if body is said to have been cremated in order to control the contagion, that wouldn’t be surprising either. Basically, it gives the totalitarian-minded assholes in power the instruments to “disappear” anyone at will, no annoying legal procedures needed, and no questions asked, and not only would it not compromise their position, it would actually augment the argument for their totalitarian powers.

Both false negative and false positive tests can be used to create panic, and, from what I can tell, they actually have been. False negatives came first – their purpose was to create the false impression that virus isn’t as contagious as it actually is, and that it is far more dangerous than it actually is (because a greater percentage dies). The first impression is useful because if the virus isn’t really that contagious, it gives the government something to do – they can prescribe measures, make us wear those stupid and useless masks, control our movement, monitor us. If it was known that most of us already had the virus, those measures would have been useless. Also, the fewer the known positives, the higher the perceived lethality of the virus, which is how the real panic was created. If people knew that most of them already had it and were either asymptomatic or had a mild flu, there would be no panic, and no need for emergency state powers.

False positives came next – after the fear of the virus had been instilled into the population, suddenly there’s an impression that it can’t be contained by present measures (because more and more people test positive), and since it’s perceived to be a deadly threat, all measures to contain it are justified.

Of course, I can’t be sure that this narrative is actually true, but based on past experience and patterns of behavior, I have every reason to suspect the “authorities”, especially when a suggested course of action gives them the only thing they desire above all: power. Unfortunately, their victims are not only stupid enough to put trust in them, they are stupid enough to create virtue-signaling mobs on social networks that actually “discipline” everybody into obedience, and scream for more state control to “assuage their fears”.