Shameless plug

My son Mihael finally made a proper web page for his latest software project, the one he won the 3rd place in the national competition with. What’s actually more impressive is that the competition is for all four high school years, which means he competed against the 3rd and 4th year students, as the only 1st year student in the competition, and most of the projects were done by whole teams while he did this one himself.

He put it up on both Apple and Android stores, but making a paid version on the Android store was too complicated for some reason that I already forgot because it was months ago, so that one is free. The iOS version costs some money and is well worth it if you ask me, because I use it whenever I have to buy something that contains tiny e-codes on the label and I want to find out what kind of shit I’m about to eat. So yeah, buy it so that you don’t end up eating poison, and Mihael learns that writing software beats making YouTube videos about playing video games as a career path. 🙂