The implausible truth

I’ve been reading an article about Epstein and his life as leader of an apparent pedophile ring and closely connected to the Clintons and other powerful people. Just look at this:

This is Bond villain-level stuff. A private island with a secret temple. Plans to “seed” DNA into scores of women. Engaging top scientists for transhumanist studies to create a new super race.

What the fuck, you say. Well, Alex Jones who blew the whistle on this kind of stuff doesn’t look so crazy now, does he? Sure, he’s unhinged, but the main reason why he appears to say crazy shit is because you are so sheltered from the truth, it sounds completely implausible and detached from what you perceive as reality. It’s not Alex Jones who’s out of touch with reality. You are. And when reality becomes too obvious to ignore, you’re shocked and say “who could have known?” Well, there are obviously people who could have known. It was just convenient to ignore them and say they’re kooks. So I would recommend removing your heads from your butts and understanding that your sheltered little world in which everything is neatly arranged and you condescendingly dismiss “conspiracy theories” and “alternative news” is actually a lunatic asylum. The “alternative news” is the actual news, and “main stream news” is brainwashing for cattle. And when the Epsteins and Clintons of the world talk about you, that’s how they perceive you.

For the most part, I don’t disagree. Beings who doubt existence of God but believe what they see on CNN and MSNBC are cattle, or even less than that. I just have a different opinion on who the elites are. In my opinion, people who orient their material lives around spiritual realities, aware of the transcendental and perceiving themselves to be inherently of the transcendental, are the worthy ones. The materialists, atheists, hedonists, the ones who don’t perceive the spiritual realities or even doubt their existence, the ones preoccupied only with their sensual pleasures, striving for social influence and thinking the ability to influence other people is power, they are either the enemies of God who took refuge in this world because it’s the farthest from God they could get, or non-entities, the empty shells devoid of soul and any transcendence, living truly like cattle. Epsteins and Clintons of the world are cattle. They are no better than cows or pigs, and probably much worse, because you would really have to work to find a pig that is as evil.