The purport

A few days ago it was revealed that Gonzalo Lira, a pretty famous youtuber who stayed behind in Kharkov and openly criticised the Kiev regime and its Washington sponsors, died from torture in Ukrainian prison.

I didn’t want to react immediately because I wanted to think things through. My first impulse was sadness because someone I knew pretty well was killed in a horrible manner. My second impulse was anger at the perpetrators and their American handlers, and a wish for them to be punished for their evil. Then I thought about his role in this, because a reasonable person would first get out, and then criticise them, because the point of his criticism was that the Kiev regime is incredibly corrupt and evil, and is known for killing its critics, so him staying behind implies that he either believes his criticism of Kiev to be wrong, or he for some reason thinks he will be exempt from retribution, probably because of some invisible shield of human rights that all Americans believe they have. It is also possible that he had a mid-life crisis of some kind and wanted to be a hero, but since he didn’t look suicidal, he probably just assumed he’ll be fine because reasons.

What we did find out is that the person that said that pen is mightier than the sword didn’t know what he was talking about.