The purpose of face masks

Test obedience, get masses used to taking orders and obeying the state. Increase state power over individuals.

Dehumanize people you meet. It will make it easier for the state to imprison, torture and murder faceless things.

Make you dependent on the digital reality, because in the physical you get only social distancing, face masks and increasingly strict discipline.

Get you accustomed to Islam, because that’s what you’ll be converting to, soon. Women are already using this hijab stand-in as a fashion accessory. Get men circumcised by hyping some fake health issue of foreskin and the rest is easy, because this civilization doesn’t have any religion or value-set worth mentioning as it is. Hell, getting rid of feminists and those awful transgenderetards is reason enough to embrace Islam for most people.

It doesn’t do anything useful against the spread of covid-19, sorry.

May God help us all, because we are doomed here.