The white male Moon

I read an article yesterday that comments something in the leftist media (called “main stream” despite the fact that nobody actually reads it), and apparently they figured out something that was quite obvious to the rest of us for quite some time now: American Moon landing and space programme were achieved by competent white men. Not by the diversity hires. Everybody in the mission control and in the capsule was a white man. The leftists are right in stating that this is not their achievement and that they have nothing to celebrate. If a man on the Moon is a purely white male achievement, what is theirs? What do the diversity people have to show as their achievement? A 12 year old who doesn’t know whether he’s he or she? A middle-aged man who identifies as a little girl?

The thing is, the NASA Moon landing project wasn’t all white and male because of racism, but because the most competent people happened to be male and white, which is a hard pill for the leftards to swallow. Actually, when the most competent people happened to be the former Nazis from Peenemünde, they were put in charge of the project. I even know of a Yugoslav engineer, Milojko Mike Vucelić, who was in the mission control. I saw a video with a black woman weaving the core rope memory for the AGC at Raytheon. A woman even wrote software for the AGC, so it’s not like the doors were closed for women and minorities; they just had to prove they can do the job better than everybody else. The management wanted to go to the Moon, not fill quotas; they wanted the best people, and if the best programmer happened to be a woman, great, she’s in. If you just defended the doctoral thesis on rendezvous in orbit, you got picked to actually pilot a spacecraft. True story.

The “diversity first” era started at NASA with the introduction of the Space Shuttle programme, which was supposed to “save money” and not “waste it on space when it’s needed here on Earth”. As a result, it achieved nothing, cost so much it drained money from all other projects, and was so dangerous it killed two full crews of seven. But it sure was diverse. It didn’t achieve anything, but all colors and genders were represented. With the introduction of diversity, America gave up on its dreams, it gave up on virtue and merit, and instead embarked on a long voyage to become an African banana republic. Right now, it appears that they are closer to that goal than ever.

So yeah, that’s one thing they would have been better off not reminding us of, because people might figure out who was it that actually cost us not only our Moon, but our civilization as well. This here and now is their civilization, the civilization of diverse races and genders. But our civilization created the atomic age and went to the Moon.