I haven’t been writing anything here for a month, so here’s a quick update.

That condo I’ve been living in, the one damaged in the Zagreb earthquake of 2020, has been sprouting leaks through the damaged hydro-isolation layer on the roof for the last year and a half, and it quite suddenly got so bad it flooded the boiler room, destroying the equipment inside and basically leaving us without hot water and central heating during winter. Also, the main bedroom and bathroom had so many water leaks through the ceiling and walls, with black mold forming rapidly, that we had to evacuate.

Fortunately, the backup heating (5 air conditioning units) worked, so we were not freezing at any point, but showering in cold water in December is not an experience I would recommend to friends. 🙂 We had to quickly find a reasonably suitable house, and I decided to rent and not buy, because we are still facing a major global crisis and I felt gold is better than bricks in such a scenario; I’m basically spending sacrificial cash to protect the metal before the storm. I know the plan was originally to save money in form of gold in order to buy a house, but now that I can do it, I don’t think it’s a good idea at the moment and I went for the delayed gratification route. The house I’m in now is much safer in case I need to dig in, but I’m treating it more like very fancy shelter, than a home.

This process of moving five people and tons of stuff took several weeks, from the point where I decided that we need to do it, to the point where we had all our stuff at the new location, and it was super stressful and labor-intensive, and we all came down with a flu of some kind; I don’t know if it’s of the beer variety or not, and I don’t care because it’s nothing particularly serious, just the usual snivel fest of early winter, and we all look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

So, basically, now that I’m not packing or moving, and I’m recovering from the flu, I can finally write a heads up. The interesting thing about the flu is that I’m recovering very slowly, which reminds me of the beer flu I had in 2020, but I can’t be sure. In any case, my prepping again came in handy because we couldn’t go to the store to get the groceries when we were all sick, so we actually tapped into our food storage and got the bread machine out of the box, too; Mihael is the only one who didn’t get the virus, probably because his immune system is so strong he’d have to get AIDS just to be normal. 🙂 It’s also an opportunity for him to drive now that he has a license and a car, so all is good. 🙂