I actually had this article on my ToDo list for months, but decided against writing it because I thought it would not be of any use to anyone, but then Robin asked me a question along those lines which obviously means that at least one person would find it useful. Oh well, I might as well write it down so that I don’t have to think about it any further.

The standard theory on how kalapas work assumes aggregation of kalapas from all kinds of sources, mostly from karmic transfers and compassion, and compression into more dense structures, a process which is very similar to what a refrigerator is doing – it compresses gas, which extracts heat from it. The spiritual analogue of heat is chaotic energy of the spiritual particles, and to compress them and remove chaos from them implies suffering, because this chaotic energy needs to be experienced by your soul and released, and here’s where up-stream kriya, the inner space and resonance techniques do their thing. Basically, they give you the tools to deal with this and not die or go crazy from the intensity of spiritual trauma, but the essential mechanism of this release of chaotic disturbance from a mass of kalapas is suffering. During this process, the question of where to get enough kalapas for the process is not something you would normally ask, because, if anything, you get more stuff on your plate than you can safely deal with, and the question is how to survive the process and undergo it safely. Essentially, the question of yogic practice and the preparation for the initiation into vajra is not even something a soul would have if it didn’t have enough “mass” to actually go through it, and at that point it’s the condition of that spiritual mass that is the problem; essentially, you are a chaotic mess and this needs to be “defragmented”, compressed and transformed. So, essentially, the issue of getting enough astral kalapas in order to undergo transformation into vajra never arises, which is why I never talked about it, having literally no reason to, since the number of people who would benefit from such a treatise is zero.

However, there’s the issue of “wielding” spiritual matter. Essentially, you can wield spiritual substance that is of a lower qualitative order than what your soul is made of. This would assume that your soul is more-less coherent, meaning that it doesn’t contain inclusions of lower energies, but let’s for the sake of argument assume a “clean” situation, and we can deal with the exceptions and complications later.

So, let’s assume your soul is made of astral matter. This means you can “wield” prana, or “work with energy” as it is usually called. If you tried to wield astral, that would end badly, because your soul would merge with the astral substance you tried to control and this would fall under the category of karmic transfer at best, if the amount you “touched” was small enough, and in the worst case your soul would lose its integrity and disperse in the larger chunk of astral substance, at which point your spiritual existence would end, at least as you know yourself.

If your soul is made of vajra, however, you can wield astral matter quite safely. You can create astral beings, you can destroy them, you can create complex astral structures, but you can’t wield vajra; basically, you can’t create a vajra object unless you somehow split your soul in two, which is something you would want to avoid at all cost, and I don’t know how that could even be done. However, at some point you evolve enough to be able to wield vajra, which means your soul substance is of an even higher order. Normally, one would be able to wield blue vajra if they attained core-density of Shivaratri, the black vajra, or the black night of Shiva, the black aspect of the “atmic level”, as this is known in some literature. I am pretty sure that the beings who evolved into the other, “white” polarity of the atmic level can also wield blue vajra, since their power level is the same, but different in a male-female way. I’m also not sure that the female Gods actually perceive this as “wielding vajra”, because from their perspective they might just exist on that level and witness blue vajra conform to their will. As I said, it’s similar to a male-female difference, and at that level you will simply recognize what’s natural for you and what feels good, and you’re also not going to be doing the same things the same way in all situations, because creating things of beauty might have different requirements than fighting evil, in a sense that one would strive to attract things to oneself, and the other will concentrate willpower in order to overcome and transform the present state.

So, let’s summarize. In order to wield a substance, you need to be initiated into a qualitative level above it, and by “initiated into” I mean “made of”. However, wielding prana and astral (citta) is pretty easy to imagine, since there’s prana and astral everywhere around us. It’s easy to imagine a compressor pulling in the air from the environment and filling a metal container. However, it’s not like there’s an abundance of vajra-matter floating around so that you can just reach out for it and will it into action, and that’s where we come to the actual point of this article. When you wield a substance, you call it into existence, ex nihilo, or ex brahman, if you will. Those kalapas were not there previously, because if so you’d have to do a karmic transfer/purification to integrate them and conform them to your will, which is a different process, one you would go through in order to grow your soul. No; if you wanted to wield vajra, vajra would manifest from the creative potential of God, which you tapped into. Basically, aspects of the Absolute would manifest in the Relative, existing at the energetic level you are able to invoke and wield.

This, of course, implies that in order to wield Shivaratri, or the white equivalent of the Goddess, you need to be made of a substance at least one qualitative level higher.

I don’t know if I can even describe what the order of magnitude of these things is, since there are no human words for any of this; I’m basically making up the language and ideas as I go. However, imagine a very big cloud of gas. That’s citta, the astral substance. Now imagine it compressed to the point where the nuclei of the gas particles touch, and the protons beta-decay into neutrons, and the entire star of normal matter is compressed into an object few meters across made of “neutronium”, where the stuff itself is actually a giant vortex of quark-gluon plasma, essentially one big neutron, only made of many quarks and gluons, and not just neutrons tightly packed together. Let’s say this is a good analogue for vajra; blue vajra specifically. That thing is already unimaginably dense and powerful, like liquid lightning with the density so great that lead and gold feel like gas in comparison, and so hard that diamond feels like air. Now imagine millions of such neutron stars compressed into a huge supermassive galactic black hole, where you need a lot of blue vajra to get even a tiny particle of Shivaratri. OK, now imagine “that something” which wields Shivaratri like it’s smoke.

Yeah. It’s not something that relates to the practical experience of many beings, which is why this is probably the most useless article I ever wrote.