I find the term “woke” disgusting, because it’s an English agrammatism, used by people who are unable to say “awakened”, because education is apparently racist, and speaking English poorly is apparently a matter of culture.

However, when we try to define what it means, in practice, it’s quite hard, because one would be tempted to write down the entire syllabus of neo-Marxism that underlies it, which would be a lengthy and impractical endeavour.  I thought about it, and here’s what I came up with.

“Woke” is a state of willingness to substitute reality with illusory beliefs whenever truth hurts. Basically, it’s rejection of reality in order to pander to affectations.

The fundamental attitude of science is to carefully measure the facts, and then allow them to lead you wherever reality is. To be “woke” is the exact opposite of that – you start with ideology, and if the facts refute it, the facts are “wacist”.

There is a definition of mental illness as a state of mind that is in disagreement with reality, and that, apparently, is what being “woke” is – an affirmation of mental illness as a legitimate take on life.