A “fuck you”

I have a message for all collective victims, shitlords and shitladies.

To African Americans, the message is that you’re not a victim of “white people”. You were never a slave. Nobody in America in living memory was a slave. That’s not your problem. Your problem is that your mother is a whore who had five children with five different people and was never married. Your problem is that you can’t speak proper English that is intelligible outside the nigger community. Your problem is that your male role models are thugs and drug dealers, and your female role models are whores. You can scream that black lives matter all you want, but that doesn’t make it true. Go do something useful with your life and then it might actually matter. Until then, understand that policemen shoot you with good reason, because 90% of the time when they have business with thugs, drug dealers, pimps and scum, they are black. Instead of complaining about being shot, stop being thugs and whores.

To feminists, the message is to understand that women in the Western civilization are the most privileged and protected subset of mankind that ever lived, and instead of being grateful and using it to advance your knowledge and use your immense opportunities to do useful things, like engineering, science and maths, you waste it on some social justice bullshit. The fact that you didn’t utilize your immense privilege for advancing society (how many of you study physics or electronics?) proves that your protected and privileged position is undeserved and your privileges should be rolled back. If you can’t vote for anything other than the leftists who can only think about spending other people’s money on bullshit, maybe you shouldn’t have the right to vote at all. If you have no wish to educate yourself in anything that has real-world utility, maybe you should stay at home and be good wives and mothers. You are a terrible waste of opportunity.

To Muslims, the message is that if you have to fight God’s battles for him, your God isn’t great. A God who needs humans to kill for him isn’t God. Wake the fuck up and understand that if someone says he’s the Lord and Maker of the Universe and keeps whining about how this or that group of people needs to die, and then can’t even kill them himself, it’s not the true God. If the true God wants to kill you, he doesn’t incite humans with swords and guns to violence. You just die.

To Jews, understand that the greatest favour your enemies did to you is to oppress you. You are the only human group since Pleistocene that was subjected to evolutionary pressure and you are therefore the only human group that actually evolved. Be grateful that you are superior because of all that persecution and stop whining about the Holocaust. Superior beings don’t have the right to whine. Your God promised he’ll eventually elevate you above all other people, and guess what, it looks like he did, because you have IQ of 1 standard deviation above everybody else.

To Christians, stop apologizing for imaginary offences of Christianity throughout history. You did more good than almost everyone else, you invented science and technology, you invented most of what is good in the world, and everybody else should be busy kissing your butts, instead of endlessly finding flaws and thinking of new and not-all-that-creative ways of shitting on your beliefs.

The worst thing about the concept of human rights is that they make whining the obvious path to success. You whine that you’re a victim and then the nanny state gives your resources and fights your battles. Whoever whines the most, and is the greatest victim, gets most resources and wins most battles, and it’s all financed by taxing those who actually don’t have the time or energy to whine because they have actual work to do. I have a better idea. Let’s give up the concept of human rights and introduce meritocracy. Then the competent, useful, smart, beautiful, brave and good people will succeed, useless, stupid, ugly and cowardly people will die, and whining will not be a way to success, and if people want to succeed in life they won’t study feminism and similar bullshit, they’ll study something that works in the real world, and is not invented merely as a method of stimulating nanny state’s mammary glands.