About immigration and shitholes

The leftists had a fainting spell over Trump’s qualification of certain places in the world, from which people want to immigrate into America, such as Mexico, Syria, or Caliphate of Lower Takfiristan (also known as ISIS), as shitholes.

This comes after they already had a crying spell over poor immigrants who live in hellish conditions in various shitholes and need to be allowed to immigrate into America, because compassion, big heart and all sorts of bullshit.

Make up your fucking minds, because you can’t have it both ways. Either all places are equal and there are no shitholes (removing the need for immigration), or some places are shitholes and there is a need for emigration from there but then you:

  1. can’t whine about Trump calling them shitholes because that’s what they are, and
  2. can’t whine about Trump imposing strict regulations on immigration from shitholes, because all sorts of bad people live there and you need to be careful whom you let in.

So which one is it, then?

The next issue is, if those places are shitholes, and people who emigrate from Shitholistan into America don’t assimilate, and instead try to change America to make it more like their beloved Shitholistan, that could be a problem.

If those places are not shitholes, and all people and places are equally wonderful, stop all immigration immediately because it’s pointless.

Also, if you object to places being qualified as shitholes, stop trying to qualify parts of America that voted Republican as shitholes. How about that, eh?