About Jews and Arabs

I was thinking about the Israel situation where everybody seems to be taking sides, so let me try to summarise my perspective.

I see people complaining about Israel making Gaza into essentially an open-air prison, and they are formally true: Gaza is a prison inhabited by the Arabs, where exits are managed by the Israelis. However, what people don’t get is that the Arabs wanted it that way. It was a choice. I saw it happen in real-time, when there were serious negotiations where Israel was ready to give Palestinians statehood, but the very fact of signing such a document would mean that they recognize Israel’s right to exist, and they didn’t want to do that. Their position is that Israel as a state should not exist, the Jews have no right to exist there, and they will fight to the last man, woman and child to make sure that Israel is destroyed and all Jews are either exiled or killed. Also, there is absolutely no political support among the Arabs for any kind of a peace with Israel; if one political party showed readiness for it, the others would kill them. Also, they don’t know what to do other than wage perpetual war against Israel; if by some chance peace broke out, they would be ruined.

So, the Jews decided that the other side is unable to sign a true peace deal and they basically contained them in an open-air prison. They can “leave” at any point by signing a peace deal whereby they recognize Israel’s right to exist; they would get statehood and international recognition, and their situation would start improving. Instead, they indoctrinate their children with anti-Israeli hatred propaganda, and the children indoctrinated in the 2000s are the Hamas militants killing the Jews now. They will never accept peace because they believe that their entire reason to exist is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

Both sides believe in some kind of a non-transcendental religion that’s very political; they think God is on their side and gave them the right to rule the world, and if anyone stands in the way of that, he opposes God’s will. They hate, despise and dehumanise the other side and think genocide is a perfectly ok thing to do, if they are the ones doing it. The Jews have America on their side, the Palestinians have all other Muslims with their oil money on their side.

Strategically speaking, the Jews made a mistake moving to Palestine and forming the country of Israel. It places them on a very poor, exposed piece of real estate, with not much to gain and everything to lose. It also places them in a strategic position where they have to make so many other players experience a catastrophic strategic loss, in order to merely survive. Any kind of balance they attain will be precarious. However, since they already invested so much in this project, it makes them think that they have no alternative to success, which makes them desperate and prone to extreme moves.

I am not inclined to moralize based on the modern ethics based on the so called “human rights” and their “violations”. It’s not how I think. I think from the position of trying to see which side embodies transcendence and transcendental virtues based on God. That which is not based on the firm rock of God will perish and is not worthy of existence. So, which side is closer to God? From what I can see, it’s all a battle for this world, and who has the right to control which portion of it, and each side claims some right originating from God, and I see no truth behind any of it. Essentially, even Josephus Flavius conceded that God is with the Romans and against the Jews, that God’s wrath was against them and their claim to Palestine was forfeit, so any claim based on the Bible is silly – God gave, God took away. As for the Arabs, they call themselves Palestinians but that is a falsehood, because they are essentially conquerors and migrants originating from Arabia. They have no claim to this land other than having come there at some point. All those claims to divine right are hubris and materialism thinly covered with fake mysticism, and I accept none of it.

The entire conflict is a very cruel interaction of two tribal entities, both cruel, arrogant and prideful.

Of those two, I prefer the Jews, because unlike the Arabs, they actually have a tendency of doing good and useful things, at least some of them. They have science, technology and the economy, and I sympathise with their predicament, especially since they would want nothing better than to just have peace so that they could do good and useful things with a sense of security. As for the Arabs, their position of preferring perpetual war and murder to any kind of a peaceful compromise makes them completely unlikeable, and I cannot force myself to give a fuck about them whatsoever. They could have solved this situation ten times already and chose not to, because they plan to eventually solve it by means of genocide, if they just endure long enough. Their argument, that this was their land first, is nonsense, because their claim is based on nothing more than just finding a vacant desert after the Jews have been exiled, and starting to live there. They could have accepted a rational compromise whereby both sides get part of the land and cooperate peacefully, but no, there needs to be genocide of the Jews in order for the Arabs to be happy with the outcome.

This being the reality of the situation, I seriously can’t pity them if their arrogance meets something even harder.