The Israeli conundrum

Israel now has a problem.

The problem consists of being surrounded by Arabs who basically weaponised reproduction; every child they create is a weapon against Israel. If you take a look at the map of the Middle East, it’s a sea of “green” surrounding a speck of “blue”, and this sea of green can’t stand the existence of this tiny blue speck.

If they do nothing radical, America their protector will eventually lose global supremacy and they will suffer the fate of those Jews who recently crossed paths with the Hamas insurgents; their bloody corpses will be dragged across streets while the Arabs chant “Allah-u-akbar”.

However, if they act to solve their problem, and really solve it, they will have to resort to genocide; basically, kill and/or sterilize all Arabs in the region, and keep the survivors from ever having any serious power.

What I’m asking myself is, at which point will they understand and forgive the Germans? Basically, “Oh, so this was the position they thought they were in regarding us, because our Zionist leaders made a deal with the British to use their influence in the USA in order to bring them into WW1 on the British side, and in turn get the title to Palestine, which the Germans saw as a grave betrayal and evidence that we are an implacable foe hiding in their midst, conspiring against their vital interests in order to realize our own goals? And they decided that the only way for them to emancipate themselves and truly survive was to get rid of us; they wanted to exile us first, but nobody wanted to take us, so they eventually decided to just kill us all. And this is exactly the choice we now have with the Palestinians – we’d prefer to exile them to the Arab countries, but nobody wants them, so the choice is to either be subjugated, killed, or kill them to the last child.”

Do the Jews have enough introspection to even realize the nature of the situation, or do they think that German genocide of the Jews was wrong because it was a genocide of the Jews, and not because it was genocide? Do they actually think that only their lives matter, and the others are merely NPCs on the playground that is rightfully theirs?

I deliberately omitted the third option: to learn to live in peace with the Muslims, because that somehow never works in the long run, because the Muslims are never content if they are not in total power, and others are not subjugated, enslaved or killed, because they see this as their religious mandate, and anything else is a crime against Allah. The fact that the Muslim states have such a problem recognizing Israel as the only non-Muslim state in the Middle East, and in its historic borders, speaks volumes. I don’t think peace with the Muslims is ever a realistic option. The Hindus thought they have it, and suddenly they learned otherwise, in the epic slaughter when India gained independence and then broke into three countries after enormous religious genocide. I think anyone who thinks they can live in peace with Muslims is deluding themselves, and that includes Russia, which made a pact with this devil which will end very badly. I’m not saying peace with the Muslims is impossible, if you’re more powerful, and you never allow a Muslim minority within your borders. However, any Muslim minority will see it as their mandate to weaponise reproduction and basically do what the Albanians did to the Serbs in Kosovo – reproduce exponentially until you’re the majority, and then take over the country and reduce the non-Muslims to second-rate citizens, who need to be constantly reminded that they are worth less than a Muslim. Yes, the Jews can choose to live this way, if they choose peace – live as slaves and second-rate citizens, pay jizya and be slapped in the face for it, to remember you’re subjugated by Muslims, and pray to God for eventual deliverance… or they can concede that Hitler was justified in his actions.

There’s another option, of course – the Muslims can reject their false religion and convert to Christianity or Buddhism, and the entire problem would instantly cease to exist, because the Christians would have no issues with Jews having their own state, as long as they had access to their holy sites there. However, can you just imagine the improbability of this outcome?