A Turkish politician recently made a speech praising Hitler for killing Jews, I quote:

A local politician from Türkiye’s Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has publicly praised Adolf Hitler’s genocide of the Jews, adding that he was “praying” for the Nazi leader.

Suleyman Sezen, who represents President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party in the Atakum district council in the province of Samsun, made the comments at a meeting on Wednesday.

“Hitler had this remark, ‘You will curse me for every Jew that I did not kill.’ Such true words, as Zionist Jewish Israel today is behind every single attempt at creating chaos in the world,” the politician declared in a rant shared online. He added that he prayed for “God’s mercy and grace on [Hitler] for his words.”

Sezen expressed hope that Israel “will soon cease to exist and there will be peace in the world once it is cleansed of Jews.”

There has been lots of similar sentiment expressed lately, and a very concerted, regimented response of Muslims all over the world, which makes me think people are not perceiving the actual threat here. Also, I see there is a “factory” of false news in Palestine, that’s not being properly verified as it is re-published verbatim worldwide, which is quite similar to the situation in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian sources routinely create falsehoods that are then re-published and amplified elsewhere, creating a completely wrong impression about the reality of the situation. For instance, in the “news” about the Israeli strike on the hospital in Gaza, nobody really verified the number of people killed, and the number of 500 seems to be repeated without any verification, and I’ve seen EU sources mention the actual number of killed being in the order of 10-50.

With all this Muslim anti-Jewish sentiment being revealed, it is quite obvious that the Jews will conclude that the Muslims are in essence an implacable foe that needs to be completely defeated in order for any kind of permanent peace to be possible, and also that the Western “human rights” sentiment is making the West a serious obstacle to their long-term survival. This is nothing new, and I talked about this years ago, but this is now obvious enough for the non-Israelis to notice.

So, considering how the Muslims obviously act as a singular political entity worldwide, how Muslim immigration in the West is obviously a “fifth column” that just waits for the signal to overthrow the native Europeans, and considering how the Western concept of human rights and individualism makes it impossible to handle such threats in an appropriate manner, and in fact actively obstructs Israel in its attempts to properly handle the issue, it is not difficult to understand that Israel might resort to desperate actions in order to try to assure its survival, although I honestly don’t see what they could do in this situation that would not also result in the destruction of Israel.

The fact the Muslims managed to re-brand themselves as victims in order to weaponise Western idiocy for their purposes is as incredible as it is ominous.