“The UN chief said the condemnable Hamas attack on Israel could never justify collective punishment of the Palestinians,” The Times of Israel reported. The only “realistic basis for genuine peace and security,” according to Guterres, may be the creation of a Palestinian state.

That’s just the thing. A very small minority of people exist as true individuals. Most exist as an aspect of their group, a religious or a tribal designation. That’s why Muslims react as a collective entity – they are Muslims first, and everything else third. If you don’t treat them like a collective entity, you are exhibiting a fundamental misunderstanding of the available reality, essentially trying to replace the reality that is here, with some fantasy or philosophy that you would prefer in its stead. In fact, I don’t think they would want you to treat them as individuals, and not Muslims. When a Westerner has a child, they think they are making one more individual being. When a Muslim has a child, he’s making one more Muslim.

The Muslims don’t want a “Palestinian state”, unless it is formed on the ashes of a destroyed Israel, and after all the Jews have been killed or exiled. What Muslims want is universal Islamic supremacy.

The problem with the Jews is that they are almost the exact same thing. They are two materialistic non-transcendental religions that think they are ordained by God to rule the world. They think they are the true humans as God designed them, and everybody else is some sort of cattle. That’s the foundation of their “morality”, which is why I return to my original point, that there will be peace when those groups understand that their perspective is fundamentally flawed; essentially, what a Muslim sees after death is that they were completely wrong about everything, and what a Jew sees after death is that Christianity is the proper branch of Judaism, that got things right ever since st. Paul. The solution to their genocidal dilemma is therefore not genocidal destruction of one or both sides. The solution lies in transcendence of this world, and for both sides Christianity seems like the most logical and straightforward path. Sure, Hinduism or Buddhism would do just fine as well, but only to a few individuals with such inclinations; for the majority, understanding that Islam is basically a fake religion created by a madman who misunderstood what he heard about Judaism and Christianity, and hallucinated the rest, and Judaism is a dry branch that refused to accept the aspect of transcendence introduced by Jesus. Both sides have good reasons to repent and consider themselves sinners and fools. Yes, the Muslims are worse, but that doesn’t give the Jews a free pass. They are sinners who refused the hand of God when it was offered.