In one of my previous articles I wrote something that started bothering me the moment I wrote it, and it still does.

It was the statement that, essentially, Putin is on God’s side. It was meant as a simplification, but I feel it is so inherently false I cannot justify it. I succumbed to an obvious fallacy, whereby if one side is obviously satanic and villainous, as America and the vassal West obviously are, and the other side is apparently virtuous, as Russia is, the virtuous side must have some connection to God, or at least in some way strive towards God. I don’t see that. It’s a fallacy to assume that if one side is evil, their enemy must have transcendental inclinations. What I see in Putin is a desire to restore the good parts of the past, and use them as a foundation for building a better future. If anything, he sees God in a materialistic way, as something that is good for the society, in service of a new and better Russia, but wanting to benefit from God is very far from being in service of God.

Neither Russia nor China are anything more than “normal countries”, in a sense that they are not infected by whatever mental illness it is that is devouring the West. Even that might be an overstatement, having in mind the similarities in totalitarian response to the American bioweapon, and Russian reluctance to divest itself from the Western fiat monetary system.

So, while I might cheer for them when they oppose a clear evil, thinking we are on the same side would be deluding myself. Both worldly sides are much more similar to each other than they are to me. They both see their future in this world and in worldly terms, while I see my future only in the context of God, and I barely hold on to this world as it is. Stating that Putin is on God’s side just because I cheer for him in his fight against the obvious evil of America, was obviously a mistake, and I renounce it.