Strong earthquake near Zagreb, epicenter about 1km north from me, 10km depth, 5.3+ on momentum tensor scale. No significant damage on my condo. No injuries. Woke up with shit falling and flying all over the place and plaster showering me from the ceiling. Fortunately, the structure is reinforced concrete and seems to have held up nicely.

Many aftershocks so far, one almost as strong as the original quake. The impacts are sharp, the damage is going to be significant on older structures.


Magnitude was revised upwards to 5.5 for the initial tremor, momentum tensor scale (Croatian seismologists are the source). Destructiveness in Zagreb was assessed as 8 on Mercali-Cancani-Sieberg scale (also Croatian seismologists as source; I would say it’s accurate). Location was revised to 750m south-west and 500m south-east from me, for the initial tremor and the main aftershock; it was basically right under me. Locations of the tremors indicate a new, previously unknown fault line parallel with Medvednica mountain, on the southern side. I got my information from the  website, and it’s actually accurate, unlike some info that comes from Croatian seismologists who are talking nonsense about Kašina fault line without actually bothering to look at the data.