I was thinking about one of those bad words, that have so many different meanings to so many different people, that they end up serving the purpose of miscommunication. The word is “spirituality”. I have two definitions for the word that I use interchangeably. The first is “worthless deluded bullshit that’s practiced by idiotic people who appropriate a set of superficialities in order to pretend to be supramaterially aligned in front of other such idiots, because apparently they aren’t able to fool the general audience”. The second definition is “the ability to feel and manifest properties of spirit in a profound and sophisticated manner”.

Let’s talk about the second definition and how I understand it.

There is a world-type, or mahat-tattva, where the laws are different from those in the material world-type, to the point where differences are greater than the similarities. When the physicists speak about the “multiverse”, which is a magic trick they pulled out of their arse when it turned out that some of the fundamental properties of this world are so sensitive that the slightest variance would skew the properties of the Universe to the point where we couldn’t exist in it. Instead of concluding what any reasonable person would conclude, which is that this Universe was obviously created by an intelligent being, and very likely with the purpose of producing us, among other possible goals, they decided it’s more parsimonic to assume existence of an infinite number of Universes with all kinds of random variations in the fundamental laws, where anthropic principle determines that the one we are perceiving necessarily has the properties where we could exist. Basically, instead of one intelligent creator that they can’t prove, they invented an infinity of other Universes that they can’t prove. They call it science. I call it a materialistic religion. But let’s return to the main point. If you vary fundamental laws of a material world, for instance the gravitational constant or the strong nuclear force, or the thing they call “dark energy”, which is basically the curvature of the empty-space manifold, you get a different Universe, but still a material one, even if you don’t get protons and neutrons in it. The mahat-tattva you are modifying is material.

The example of what the non-material world-type looks like is provided by the NDE testimonies in which they describe what Theosophy would call the “astral” world. Basically, it’s what you get when you have spiritual supremacy over the basic substance of the world. The material world is the exact opposite: designed to keep the spiritual forces at the weakest possible level of influence relative to the basic substance of the world, where it’s still possible for spirit to witness the world and bind to it in some manner. To be spiritual in the material world, as a soul bound to a material body and perceiving mostly through the material senses, is to retain awareness of oneself as essentially spiritual, to retain ability to influence spiritual realities beyond the confines of matter, to communicate in a direct spiritual way with other beings that have that ability, and to generally function in a way that would change only quantitatively were you to shed your material body. To me, being “spiritual” doesn’t mean anything even remotely translated as “good”, which seems to be implied for most people. No, to me an incarnated demon that retains “astral” powers and abilities is spiritual. He can wield spiritual powers, perceive and affect spiritual realities and his way of functioning wouldn’t change significantly were he suddenly freed of his material confines. It’s just that while incarnated you perceive him, or her, as a dark mage or a witch, and while discarnated you perceive him or her as a dark malevolent spiritual force. Being spiritual doesn’t make you good.

I don’t perceive myself as “good”, either. “Good” is what people call a combination of weak and soft in the head, or, conversely, a combination of useful and harmless. God is not “good”. I like it how God is described in the Bhagavad-gita, as so awesome that his best friend basically shits himself in fear. That’s not what “spiritual people” are meditating on, not by a stretch of imagination, because you don’t get to meditate on such awesomeness, power and greatness, and get to be a weak, pathetic, broken person that “spiritual people” invariably are. You are spiritual if here, in the confines of physical matter, you can wield spiritual power in ways qualitatively if not quantitatively identical to the way gods, demons and other spiritual beings wield them in the spiritual worlds. Sure, when a demon wields spiritual powers, the results lack the awesomeness and brilliance that is obvious when the gods wield them, but a demon is at least capable of doing something. If you’re not even capable of doing that much, what does it make you? An incarnated god can open the doors of spiritual initiation, he can infuse words with mantric substance and give them power, he can infuse physical matter with spirit. An incarnated demon can wield darkness, cast spells and curses, recognize powerful beings and try to bind them or interfere with them. An ordinary human is basically a NPC; doesn’t perceive anything spiritual, even if he does perceive something, he doesn’t understand it or act on it, is driven by logical self-serving understanding of his material situation as provided by his material senses, tries to improve his social situation and everything he or she sees as meaningful and relevant is, basically, material. If an incarnated demon has better understanding of reality than you, and if he has more spiritual freedom to perceive and act, in the material world, it means a demon is your spiritual superior, which makes you a sack of meat.

And we finally come to the reason why I perceive “spiritual people” as worthy only of contempt and ridicule: they for the most part lack any ability to perceive the actual spiritual realities. They lack any ability to affect spiritual realities, to basically wield spiritual power. Their spiritual magnitude is negligible, and yet they talk and act as if they have a monopoly on spirituality, as if it’s a domain where they have the authority to pass judgment. They are spiritually weak, broken, usually mentally ill, socially incompetent, and their “spirituality” is basically an illusion created to escape their material problems, but no actual spiritual forces or breakthroughs are present. Basically, they are something a dog pisses on, in passing.