Five views under the veil of darkness

There’s a war the Americans think is going on, the war the Russians think is going on, the war Ukrainians think is going on, the war American propaganda made the world convinced is going on, the war I think is going on, and the war that is actually going on. All in all, there are five perceptions and one reality. Since the noise is terrible, let me try to cut through it and make a coherent analysis, as hard as it may be at the moment.

The Americans think the things are going great for them. They think they successfully baited the Russians into a quagmire that is Ukraine, where they had a decade or more to prepare the situation just the right way, so that it can never actually be solved, and anyone trying to solve it will expend endless resources to no avail. Combined with international isolation and sanctions, they see it as a check-mate situation for Russia in the long run.

The Russians understand that America has complete control of the media sphere in their vassal states, and, unfortunately, this means almost everything outside of Russia, China and few possible exceptions, which is why they are not really even trying to win the “information war”, because at this point it would be a futile effort. The fact that their athletes were prohibited from competing under their flag at the Olympics could tell them everything there is to know – Russia is not just not allowed to win, it is portrayed like a designated international criminal state, a country that’s always doing something wrong and nefarious, for instance when America didn’t fulfill its obligations to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile, they just spun the story around and began inventing false stories that connected the Russians with illegal use of chemical weapons, until the association was burned into the minds of ordinary people who just watch the news. The reality is that America is the one that does nefarious things with chemical weapons while Russia destroyed their own stockpile, but nobody watching and believing the news would know or believe it. Basically, the Russians understand that the Americans completely control the way most of the world perceives things, and it can’t be helped at this point. They can either feel victimized, or go solve the problem, and I think there’s a bit of both in their thought-space. Their perception is that America is trying to wage a coward’s war against them – suffocate them slowly in all kinds of destructive ways, but avoid nuclear retaliation or open war. In case there is an open war, pre-position all kinds of proxy forces at Russia’s borders, that will attack them in all kinds of hybrid ways, including terrorism, “democracy movements”, civil wars and so on. Deplete their wealth, blackmail other countries to break ties, and bombard the world with false perceptions of what’s going on, to convince everybody that Russia is actually the one that’s the threat, that it’s aggressive and needs to be stopped. Like all bullies, they have it down to a science: make the victim look like the aggressor while you snicker in the background. The Russians understand that open war is the only thing America and their vassals actually want to avoid at all cost, so they waited until their military was ready, until their economy was ready, until their new weapons were mass-produced and deployed in the arms forces, and now they started cleaning up the festering shitpiles the Americans and the British installed at their borders. Kazakhstan was the first one, and very important one at that, if you take a look at the size of their border with Russia. Considering how disproportionally pissed the British are, I would guess that the Russians wiped out hundreds of their agents there and completely neutralized their ability to attack Russia on that vector. The next, much bigger threat (due to both population density and the degree of foreign influence) is Ukraine, and as far as I can see, the actual threat to Russia was neutralized very quickly into the intervention, and now they are having a problem; either they try to completely pacify the country, which would be deadly, because the entire population is deeply indoctrinated to both hate and fear them, and to aspire towards the West as some sort of undefined salvation. In any case, if the goal was to stabilize the situation while utilizing the minimum of military resources, this is in the process of rounding up the stragglers.

What Ukrainians think doesn’t matter. Their “government” is a sock-puppet prop for Western intelligence agencies and foreign tycoons who control and finance the fascist thugs. Everything they have been hearing since their “state” was established was a lie, and by now they are so used to the lies they hate the truth in any form. Everything that’s going on there is a combination of lies and violence. They believe in a lie that Russia is a threat, they believe in a lie that they are somehow very distinct from the Russians, they believe in a lie that they have a future in Europe and NATO, that they will be a part of the West. What is actually true is that the Western intelligence agencies have been feeding them those lies to manipulate them into being a tool against Russia, so that when they die fighting Russia the Westerners won’t have to, and Russia will be fatally weakened. Their purpose was never to join NATO, their purpose was to fight and die for NATO; they are seen as sacrificial. As for the EU, the dream of joining the EU is just that – a dream. They were given loans instead of money, promises that kept them in the European sphere of influence just enough to keep them away from Russia, and this unnatural economic and political alignment fatally impoverished Ukraine. Combined with the foreign support for the most corrupt and violent pieces of shit that exploited and terrorized the populace, you have a more-less complete picture. It’s a country that made a fatal mistake of following a quasi-nationalist impulse to leave the Soviet Union, and then ended up the way Russia was headed under Yeltsin, and where it would have ended up without Putin. Ukraine isn’t a nation anymore, it’s a disease-ridden corpse of a province that failed to become a nation, and instead was robbed by both internal and foreign thieves, governed by idiots and scum, and completely controlled by America against its most fundamental interests. As I said, at this point what Ukrainians think doesn’t matter. Their fate was controlled by America since they became a country, and now this fate is being fulfilled by them all dying in the process of strategically harming Russia. They are seen by their “friends and allies” as sacrificial tools, and by their “enemies” as brothers. What an irony.

The propagandized world populace thinks the evil Russia is finally showing its true colors, that Putin is finally showing that he’s Hitler, and that the Americans were right all along. What they forgot is that a few months ago the China was the designated Hitler, and the beer flu was the reason why they must give up all their rights. What they fail to understand is that they are as much the victims of the actual war that is being waged, as are Russia and China. They are seen by America the way they see Ukraine – a mere expendable tool to be used and cast away once it’s no longer of use. Incidentally, that’s exactly the way they are seen by Satan – mere tools to be used in an attempt to show God how smart and important he is, and how wrong God was in His judgment of him, or whatever it is that embodiments of sin think.

What I think is going on is that the remaining latent/potential aspects of satanic evil that propagate the world are being expended, and that this process is coming to an end now and what we’re left with is the manifestation, the way some plants consume all their energy to produce a flower, and die. This flower now has to be cut off and thrown into a fire. The actual war was always that of Satan against God, and the souls and their enslavement and corruption were always merely the means of inflicting spiteful harm.

What is actually going on – that’s something we are very unlikely to see during this life, because we are under the veil of ignorance by design, but as things are heading, we might finally get to know.