Gold spike

Due to the current geopolitical situation, gold (and other precious metals to some degree) spiked either close to, or, in some currencies, over the all-time high.

This spike is significant enough for the main-stream press to start reporting on it, which means a lot of ordinary people with poor investment skills are going to join the marketplace, and, of course, wipe themselves out, as they always do, because they don’t know what they are doing.

It is my opinion that this current price spike is a transitory event on the path towards a very serious crisis. My recommendation is to wait this out, don’t sell (if you already have metals and you think this is a good opportunity to cash in on the investment), wait for the panic buyers to sell, wait for the prices to fall, when everybody thinks this was a false alarm, buy all you can, and buy gold, because silver might be a target of very nasty speculations, for instance dumping large quantities of industrial silver on the market if China has no use for it due to tariffs and sanctions. Industrial silver is around 60% of total silver consumption, and the market is small compared to gold and this can really hurt you. Gold is essential because it’s the core monetary metal of the central banks and they see it as a strategic asset. If JP Morgan or some other big player in the silver market dumps even a fraction of all the silver they have stored in anticipation of industrial demand, the prices will drop so hard it will wipe you out if you buy while it’s expensive. Buy only if such a silver dump takes place.