Method to the madness

When I wrote in that previous article about how America uses AI and supercomputer simulations of socio-economic systems, something clicked: “wow, that actually explains why their geopolitical moves look so idiotic”.

Let me explain.

America makes chaos in the Middle East, destroying Libya and Syria. America switches focus to North Korea, stirs up the conflict almost to the point of war, then starts peace negotiations, but then freezes them because it doesn’t actually want peace there. It stirs up a civil war in Ukraine, creates a chaotic state and freezes it, not allowing it to be solved. It creates chaos in Venezuela by introducing sanctions that make sure the situation can’t be improved, and then tries to introduce their asset Guaido as the new “president”, making sure the government of the very incompetent communist Maduro is de facto cemented in place because patriotism. They pressure Europe to start importing economic migrants who are sure to create chaos and disruptions and possibly throw Europe into civil war. They stir up conflict with China over whatever – Taiwan, some islands in South China Sea, economy, trade. They wage systemic psychological warfare against Russia, to the point where their politicians are cornered into either recommending total war with Russia or be labelled Russian assets.

It all looks crazy, as if they are going around the globe and intentionally stirring up conflicts, not allowing conflicts to be resolved peacefully, and rotating them in circle, shifting attention from one to another with no apparent goal other than increasing the intensity and amount of the global anxiety level.

And then it clicked: it looks like something you would have in a simulation: a scalar labelled “anxiety level”. A simulation tells you that you need to increase the global anxiety level and keep it within a range, and then your operatives get orders to stir up shit all over the world, including pulling Trump’s strings to go do something (or his daughter is going to have an unfortunate accident). What’s going on doesn’t make any sense otherwise because it all looks as if CIA is being run by idiots, but if it’s actually being advised by a simulated system with specific goals in mind, and if the simulation tells them that they need certain parameters within certain ranges in order to get desired effects, and the system monitors the social network for feedback on the emotional states of both the general population and specific groups, this chaotic madness is exactly what it would look like, only there’s method to the madness.

The more I think of it, the more it looks like Alex Jones actually had the right idea about what’s going on, only he’s too unhinged to explain it properly so it sounded crazy. It all looks like someone hired very intelligent futurologists to plot a pathway from the present day to some very distant future where mankind either sheds the flesh and is pure AI, or exists as hybrid biotech merged with computers, and colonizes planets orbiting the nearby stars. The simulation was probably trained by feeding it the information about the past, and when it became capable of reliably “predicting” the present, they started trusting it with predicting the future, and I would guess this has been going on for a while and they train the AI with feedback from the reality, which revises the projection of the future. I would expect the simulation to inform them about divergencies – for instance, if you want to get your kind of future, you need to change certain things in the real world to steer things in a different direction, and then human agents get instructions on what to aim for, and then we get to see politics that looks insane, but it’s only insane if you think it’s done by humans who do things based on emotions, for instance if you think that Trump is tweeting his nonsense based on his emotions and thoughts, and not because he’s instructed to do something by his handlers in Langley, who are instructed what to do by the deep strategy team.

So, basically, it’s the futurologists directing the machines that treat humans like predictable entities, basically a herd of cattle that will respond positive to green pastures and negative to cattle prod, and can be steered easily in certain directions, and the only opposition to this are the human geo-strategic teams, primarily in Russia, who are so far incredibly disciplined in diffusing this chaos and are instructing other countries and promoting restraint.