I shit on climate science

The main-stream media presented us with the “scientific facts”, in form of the polls showing how Donald Trump lags significantly behind Hillary Clinton and has no chance of winning the elections. They laughed at anyone questioning the scientific accuracy and validity of those polls. They presented themselves as someone who speaks from the position of science, truth, evidence and reason.

All of that proved to be bullshit and propaganda. The polls were intentionally cooked up by oversampling Democrats, by intentionally oversampling target groups that were more likely to vote for Clinton, basically, they started with the desired result and cooked up a scientifically-sounding brew of horse shit.

But stay assured that every other thing they have been telling you is spot on, like the global warming, which is so incredibly discredited that its advocates are using progressively stronger magnifying glass to find any sign of the supposed climate change, at the times where the original theory predicted that all coastal areas of the world should have been under water already. God fucking damn it, even Venice, which is built on water, still exists. Krapanj island in Croatia, whose highest point above sea level is 1.25 meters, is still completely untouched by the supposedly rampant sea level rise. We have more green areas in the previously arid parts of the world (because CO2 is plant food, and the plants immediately responded with accelerated growth in response to its increased availability), so no desertification, and no climate-caused exodus from the endangered areas. Antarctic ice cap is actually showing the overall increase. Arctic ice cap is also increasing in the recent years. Analysis of data from the NASA satellites shows no reduction in polar ice since they started recording the data in 1979.

It’s all horse shit, the entire supposed science behind the global warming theory. The scientific part was extremely poorly done, doesn’t hold up to even the slightest scrutiny and I lost all confidence in it a decade ago, when the predictions started to prove false.

But yeah, President Trump is a joke and climate change is gospel. Believe in it in order to get more likes on Facefuck and have more hip friends who fucking love science, bitch.

Because education, and shit.