I watched an ad for the Google Pixel 6 phone yesterday:

I initially wanted to see the specs of the phone, but it turns out the ad was very revealing, in a political sense, the way reading the early writings of Marx is revealing – you just see all the robbery, poverty and starvation in the future. In case of this ad, you see the desired future as written by the present-day America: everybody is shallow, stupid, perverted, lame and obsessed with completely irrelevant garbage, and almost nobody is white. Also, everybody is content and smiling, for some reason.

That’s called “inclusivity”, which is another one of the newspeak misnomers; it actually means removing all the successful people from positions of power and calling it “social justice”; if everybody is black and brown, they say, the world will be a paradise.

No, fuckwits, because there already is a “planet” where everybody is black, it’s called Africa and it’s a shithole. The new America and Europe where everybody is black wouldn’t look like a Google ad, it would look like this:

That’s the “dreamworld” where everybody is black, the only thing that’s out of place are the electricity poles, because you won’t get any of that in a black people’s world. That’s white people stuff. Also, the phones, running water, in-door plumbing, radio, TV, Internet, satellite navigation, and so on. You shit in the bush, wash your arse in a creek, and you get parasites. Also, you drink water from that creek in which everybody washes their arse, and into which the elephants shit. Also, it’s ruled by gangs wielding machetes. AK-47s are all fine but they are made by the white people, too, so no ammo for those in Wakanda.

Besides, since when is “inclusive” a good word? How is it a desirable quality? Would you want a sexual partner that is “inclusive”, in a sense that anyone can fuck them? Would you want to send your kids to a school that is “inclusive”, in a sense that anyone can get in? Do you want a job that is “inclusive”, in a sense that anyone can do it? I didn’t fucking think so. Inclusive isn’t good, unless you’re a retard, a whore and a loser. Exclusive is good. Exclusive is a thing to strive for. You want a job that’s so demanding that only a few can do it, and you want to be one of the few. You want a woman who will have only one man, she wants the best and you want to be that best one. You don’t want a car anyone can have, you want a really good, exclusive one. You want to send your kid to a school that has so stringent criteria that only the best can have a hope of passing the qualifying exams.

Inclusive, that’s where you don’t want to be, if you have any self respect. Aim for the stars, because mountains are not high enough.