Lamenting the degenerate moral standards of mankind

I noticed something when I was browsing through my YouTube subscriptions these days.

The technology channels are very interesting, if repetitive. The gadgets that we have available today, and I mean the smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, are wonderful to the extent of surpassing most of science fiction predictions, except for the lack of AI. However, when I see what people do with it all, it becomes a fucking nightmare. ISIS recording destruction of precious historic artifacts in high def video; a bunch of utter morons constantly typing from their amygdala region, producing angry but at the same time demented comments, anxious that they will miss an event and fail to voice their worthless, idiotic opinions. It looks like millions of monkeys slamming on typewriters, and the result certainly isn’t Hamlet. More likely, it’s the common denominator and essence of monkey. We live in an era of the most beautiful technological artifacts, and the worst degeneracy of human spirit.

I am deliberately exposing myself to that in order to observe my reactions, and I can tell you, I’m getting depressed, because I feel that it’s all completely impervious to anything I could personally do.

For instance, labeling the opposition in order to provoke the “audience” into some kind of “moral outrage” which removes need for any further discussion, this appears to be the mainstream of what is considered to be an argument. Unfortunately, this always works, because the main motor of everybody’s participation in any kind of social activity is peer approval, which is most easily gained by manifesting outrage at everything that is accepted by consensus to be outrageous, and approval of everything that is accepted as laudable. Call someone a Nazi and you basically won, because if he’s a Nazi you’re not expected to actually argue with a Nazi, right? Publicly approve of helping puppies, hungry children and vulnerable minorities and you will be accepted by your peers as a good person, without any need to actually personally exhibit traits of goodness in any kind of a real situation. It’s all easier than solving actual problems, or deciding what is actually good or evil. You fight Hitler by calling him Hitler, as if all problems can be solved by proper labeling, which will result in likes on Facebook and retweets. Call a victim of pedophilia a pedophile-apologist if he refuses to claim victimhood and deals with his situation in some other way. Always sympathize with victims, always try to find the “oppressors”. Unless the oppressors happen to be Muslims. In that case, attack the victims, because the leftist organizations are financed by Muslim money.

And what can I do to oppose such idiocy? Because, you see, that’s what it all is. You don’t defeat evils by creating public outrage. You don’t become good by liking all the right things. You don’t actually win the second world war again if you call someone you don’t like a Nazi, punch him in the face, and then say, “of course it’s right to punch a Nazi, right?”. That’s how you become the closest approximation to the actual Nazis, because you mislabel in order to justify violence, and then you start persecution. It’s not even the right question; the right question is whether it’s permissible to call someone a Nazi in an argument, let alone justify evil actions based on labels. It is not – labeling doesn’t give your arguments strength, it only allows you to avoid using any, and instead to use ad hominem and ad consensu gentium, which are logical fallacies.

You become good, actually good, by appropriating aspects of God’s spirit, and thus participating in eternity.

Tell me, how many do you know who have succeeded in that? Not many, right? And tell me, what do you think is the rightful position of all the rest, in the eyes of Eternity? Precarious at best, yes?

If that isn’t motivation enough to stop deceiving yourself and others with worthless endeavors, I don’t know what would suffice.