Freedom of speech

There’s lots of talk on the libertarian side of the political spectrum about how free speech is the most important thing.

I have some issues with that, honestly, and not only in politics, but also in the sphere of spirituality, so while this will start as a political argument, it will extend beyond that. You see, people confuse the issue of freedom of press, with the issue of speech without consequences. Freedom of the press, in America at least, essentially means that the parliament is prohibited from passing laws that will limit freedom of the press. This means you can basically print whatever you want without suffering legal consequences. However, there will always be consequences. If you print things nobody is interested in, it will not sell and your newspapers will go bankrupt. If you print too many ads, you will annoy people and they will stop buying your stuff. If you print slanderous lies, you will annoy some people, please the wrong kind of people, and your audience will change. With that, your advertisers will change. There will always be consequences to everything you do, so no action is really “free”. Tell the truth, and the liars and evildoers will hate you. Tell lies, and the truthsayers and good people will hate you. Tell unpopular things, and your audience will reduce and you will have conflict. Tell popular things, and you will be rejected by those who admire straightforward expression and honest ideas. Essentially, whatever you do or fail to do, you will always have enemies and opposition, and you will always have support. The thing you need to strive for is to have the right kind of support and the right kind of enemies.

Wanting to have free speech, in a sense of saying anything and experiencing no consequences, is essentially wishing for inconsequential speech. If you said anything relevant, it will raise a shitstorm. If you are unwilling to accept the fact that someone will hate you for what you are saying, and if you’re unwilling to accept the fact that someone might actually kill you for it, you are either prepared to say only inconsequential and uncontroversial things, or you’re a fool. Words are meaningful. Words are the result of thought and precursor to action. Based on words, entire civilizations are built and razed. Billions of people lived and died throughout history based on words. You can say that this happened not because of words but because of intolerance to words, but if you are tolerant to all words, your life is meaningless and you are what the Greeks called a political idiot – someone who is not bothered by things of consequence. You don’t care if women have their clitorises cut of, you don’t care if Jews are exterminated, you don’t care if rich people are taxed, you don’t care if afterlife exists or not, you don’t care if God approves of your actions or not, you don’t care if you will be recruited into an army and killed, you don’t care if your family is sold into slavery or not. Oh really, you do care? And what will you do, how far will you go in either support or opposition to ideas, to mere words? I’ll tell you how far I would go. I would live and die for certain ideas, and kill for others. Is that too intolerant for you, too extreme? And if I told you that I would live for or get killed for the support of anyone’s right to belong to God, for the ability to establish a form of life I see as good and virtuous, for the ability to think, feel and express truth, and I would defend goodness and virtue of others in any way possible. If good people are threatened I would be willing to either take the bullet in their place, or to kill the assailant. You might now say that this is no longer about words, but I disagree, because it starts with thoughts and ideas, progresses into words, and very soon ripens into actions. They first say it’s fine to oppress or kill a certain category of people, not based on individual merit, but on membership to the category. Then they pass laws. It’s still words, mind you, but now those words form basis for actions, and those actions produce suffering and death. Kur’an is just words, Sharia is just words, but based on those words Islamic civilization is made, and this civilization then throws gay people off rooftops, it stones and hangs and beheads people, it oppresses and limits women, it limits freedom of religion, of thought and expression of any kind, forever, unless someone starts killing them back. Words are the main difference between humans and animals. Words are worth killing and dying for.

However, exactly because words are so important, they need to be defeated with other words. If a word is confronted by violence, it remains undefeated and will eventually prevail, because an undefeated word that is opposed by violence will find those who are willing to defend it with violence, and they will win, because their ideas are stronger, strong enough that they could not be confronted by other words, but instead by weapons. Freedom of speech, in that sense, means to battle ideas using better ideas, instead of trying to cut off heads that hold ideas you don’t approve of. However, what do you do if you have defeated the ideas, but their advocates stubbornly remain in opposition to the proven truth, and proceed to sabotage your every attempt? You might actually be forced to eradicate evil ideas by physically killing their proponents, as Nazism was eradicated primarily by culling its proponents; they were either shot during the war, or tried and hanged later. They weren’t argued against indefinitely. In a similar manner, the Catholics had to exterminate the Cathari during the Albigensian Crusade. I say “had to”, because it’s not something optional; you either defend your position to the point of exterminating the opposition, or you are exterminated by the said opposition, to the last man. Some issues are really that important, and there really can be no compromise, because it’s about widely differing views about the purpose of life, purpose and shape of civilization, the direction into which the mankind is heading. It’s in human nature to solve such conflicts with war. You might argue that nothing is more important than human life, but I disagree – issues about the very nature, direction and meaning of human life are by definition what defines the value of human life. If something determines whether your life will be worth living, it’s by definition an issue worth living, dying and killing for. That’s the way things are, and if you disagree, you obviously think that any kind of life is more valuable than no life, but at that point, how do you define what is human?

Freedom of speech as such, and non-violence, as an extension, are valueless, empty things. If you hold values, there will eventually come a point where you will have to confront evil words and deeds, and if you are unwilling to die and kill for your beliefs, that will not stop you from being killed for them. If you are unwilling to stop the enemies of your civilization by force, they will overrun you, kill you, enslave what remains, and make their own civilization in place of yours, and they will then define who is to be killed, who is to be a slave, and crows will feast on the dead eyes of your children. If you are unwilling to kill for your beliefs, people who have no such compunctions will kill you for yours.

The other problem is that God doesn’t give five seconds of a fuck for all those intellectual concepts about rights, freedoms and the like. Every choice has consequences, and the concept of rights and freedoms, in the sense that is used here, doesn’t exist. In theory, you are free to do anything you want, but choices bind you and define you. You can think whatever you want, but thinking changes your spiritual structure, your “wavelength” of energy, so to speak. Think dark thoughts, and you instantly shift planes of existence and are transported to a dark place. Think praise of God’s beauty and greatness and instantly you shift planes and are transported closer to God, as close as your state of consciousness allows. It’s all about “do evil shit, suffer evil consequences”, and “do great shit, suffer great consequences”. Also, the more evil you think and do, the less freedom you have, because evil limits you. You are free to choose it, but you are then enslaved by it and your freedom vanishes. Some choices are irreversible, your soul can lose cohesion and disperse into basic constituents, too small to form anything resembling a consciousness without aggregating into a larger structure by the slow process of spiritual evolution. On the other hand, some choices are so spiritually empowering, they elevate you to the form of existence you were never even able to dream of, before. All freedom, all glory, all beauty comes from God. Consequently, the closer you are to God, the more freedom, beauty, intelligence, consciousness, bliss and reality you possess as a person. I’m telling you this so that you don’t fall into a trap of believing the bullshit that’s widespread here, that you have a right to say whatever you want without consequences. In the spiritual world, where you will find yourself before the Judges, you can be doomed by a single wrong thought. You don’t have any rights or freedoms whatsoever. You have certain qualities and properties, and those determine your destiny. The Judges are not like your earthly judges and politicians, who are elected and have written laws above them. The Judges “up there” are the law. They are literally made from God’s will and righteousness. There’s no court of appeal. Any form of arrogance or spite, such as humans often manifest here, is arrogance and spite in the face of God, and is punishable by utter doom. A question such as “what gives you the right to…” will result in your doom. You don’t have the right to free speech, or to free thought for that matter. Freedom is something that is deserved, by appropriating the qualities of reality, consciousness, proper insight and understanding, by love for truth, beauty and greatness that is God. From this, comes more insight, more realization, more participation in the nature of God, and appropriation of more godliness, more holiness. In holiness, you have freedom of thought, because your thought is free from limitations that are present in the lower planes of consciousness, that are far from the light of God. That’s how things work there. If you fail to understand that, if you behave like humans normally do in this world, with arrogance, spite and stupidity, you will be thrown onto a compost heap of worthless souls, where you will spontaneously degrade after consuming the intrinsic energy of your astral body. Those who told you that you all have souls of equal value and that you are all precious and important, and that you all have rights, lied to you. Those who told you that you have rights before God, and that you should be free to choose your own destiny, failed to mention one tiny detail: that only certain choices lead to life, while others lead to death.