Money printer go brrrr

The earthquake in Zagreb was quite disruptive locally, but overall, merely a local distraction of no wider consequence.

The COVID-19 is quite nasty, especially if you had the worst symptoms, as I did, but overall, it’s a minor thing blown out of all proportions by governments in love of dictatorial behavior, and panicked snowflakes using social media to virtue-signal about how terrible it is that people actually die.

The panic regarding COVID-19 is much worse, and will eventually kill much more people than the virus, because all that virtue signalling about value of human life broke the economy and that when that starts bearing fruit, you’ll wish you had the SARS.

All the noise about quarantine and the virus is too loud to hear a more dangerous noise:

Money printer go brrr, makes more money than ever. You be so rich, with all those zeroes on paper. You’ll be able to wipe your arse forever when you run out of all that toilet paper you stacked.