On common foes

There’s been talk about how America and Russia should cooperate instead of fight, because they have a common enemy, which is Islamic terrorism.

That is essentially true, but of secondary importance, because they both, on a very deep core level, believe that Islamic terrorism doesn’t really threaten them as long as they can wipe out all Muslim countries off the face of the Earth within 30 minutes; and they can, believe me. They can. So, basically, for as long as the Arabs are as dangerous to them as a mouse is to a cat, they can’t really be expected to take it seriously enough to take their eyes off their main problem.

America’s main problem is that its economy is in final stages of collapse. Anchoring dollar to oil is no longer sustainable, their budget deficit is huge but their greater problems are dependence of the economy on the military industry, which doesn’t really produce anything useful to the economy and instead binds otherwise productive men into non-productive and expensive activities, so it’s essentially a drain. This is visible from the correlation between military spending during wartime and the rise of national debt – it essentially became exponential when Bush overreacted to 9/11, and the curve simply continued to skyrocket during Obama’s administration. The attempt to dampen the collapse of the credit system with printing trillions of dollars of fiat money while the mortgage system, which is a big part of the fiat currency backing, collapsed; essentially, instead of removing the uncovered part of the currency from circulation in order to preserve value, they in fact printed more, much more. This shifted the weight of the currency backing completely on oil and foreign economic levers, starting to pump serious money from the rest of the world into America, which was useful to stabilize America’s condition and postpone the collapse of its economy with the infusion of fresh money, but it exported the crisis overseas and essentially provided a strong motivation for other countries, who didn’t feel like being used like a blood bank for an ailing vampire, to break free from America’s economic hold on the world’s economy.

As a result, America’s problem is that it’s economy is failing and it needs to keep the rest of the world within its sphere of control in order to keep draining the resources.

Russia’s problem is that it understands exactly what’s going on and doesn’t feel like being dominated, drained for resources and reduced to a source of cheap commodities and a market for all kinds of imports. Essentially, Russia wants to remove the unhealthy mechanisms of international control that hamper its growth and keep it in the artificially handicapped state where it sells oil and gas to the markets that continuously threaten to stop buying them if Russia doesn’t “behave”, and at the same time buying everything else from those same countries. Also, Russia very much didn’t like being paid with american worthless currency for their oil and gas, because simple math says that if America printed trillions of fresh dollars at the time where they lost a significant amount of their currency’s backings (the mortgages), the actual value of that money was hugely diminished, and the oil price didn’t reflect the actual reality.

So, as America’s problem is that it absolutely needs to dominate everyone, with economy and politics if at all possible, and militarily if necessary, and Russian problem is that it wants to outgrow the consequences of their multi-decade crisis and develop a healthy economy and an independent international position, you can see why I’m seriously skeptical about any possibility of their cooperation on fighting their “common enemy”. They don’t really have a common enemy, they are fighting several proxy wars that serve to disrupt and re-establish their respective spheres of influence. The Muslims are American pawns, propped up as they once were in Afghanistan in order to subvert the existing order, and introduce chaos that was calculated to harm the Russians more than Americans, because Syria was Russia’s to lose, and even it it were razed to the last brick, as Afghanistan was, America would count this as an important strategic victory, because Russia lost an ally and America gained a pressure-relief in the region and an improvement to Israel’s strategic position. ISIS is counted by America as their asset, however disposable. To Russia, it’s a weapon aimed against their strategic interests. It’s not a common enemy. Were it a common enemy, it would have been wiped out within one morning, years ago. Both ISIS and the West-Ukrainian fascist government are disposable weapons aimed against Russia’s interests, and created and funded by America.

America and Russia are on a strategic collision course, this collision course is determined by geostrategic forces, and Trump’s victory is completely irrelevant in this regard, since he is by the very nature of his position unable to change America’s essential geostrategic realities. If he manages to rebuild America’s infrastructure, how is he going to fund it? If by printing money, he will increase the financial drain on the rest of the world and thus accelerate confrontation. If by taxation, he will collapse his economy. If he tries to de-fund the military, he will be killed. If he makes the military happy, he will have to at least continue having the military budget on the same level, continuing the exponential debt curve. If he tries to change the aspects of the economy that involve other countries, he will accelerate confrontation. The only way for America to actually recover would be to attempt to replicate the results of the second world war, by destroying the rest of the world and serving as a safe haven for brains and gold. However, I don’t see how this would realistically work, since there is no way for America to survive such a confrontation unharmed; in fact, it would be one of the most heavily nuked parts of the world.

The difference between Trump and Clinton is that Clinton already tried to placate, manipulate and pressure the Russians, and it didn’t work, and this is why she was primed for the next step, which is a nuclear war. Trump just didn’t have the opportunity to get to that page. If and when he assumes presidency, he will try the same “reset” bullshit, which Putin wouldn’t buy, instead asking for actual partnership and equality in mutual dealings. Since this is against America’s fundamental interests, they will quickly get to the point where Trump will play chicken with Putin, and Putin wouldn’t blink.