Why Islam is wonderful

In mathematics, there’s a simple way of proving a theorem. You try to prove the opposite of what it states. If an attempt to do so leads to contradiction, the impossibility of the opposite is taken as proof of the original thesis.

The implication, of course, is that something cannot be both true and false at the same time. Barring quantum superposition, let’s assume this to be universally valid, and let’s assume that if something can be proven as both true and false at the same time, it means that the thesis was incorrectly postulated.

The leftists have a fundamental problem. They state that diversity is good and that tolerance is good, and therefore different religious ideologies need to be accepted as an aspect of diversity, which is their argument for embracing Islam. On the other hand, they vehemently oppose fascism and try to outlaw it and imprison its proponents. The rationale for that is that fascism is an inherent danger to the basic tissue of a liberal, tolerant society, as it is inherently intolerant and authoritarian, and tends to erase all different opinions, ideologies and peoples.

So, let me exercise a rhetorical instrument called “sarcasm” and show the problem I see in the left’s defense of Islam:

Islam is, in fact, wonderful. As a Nazi, I love it. No wonder Hitler admired it so greatly and even considered having it as official religion. In Islam, you get to either kill or submit your enemies, they have to accept humiliation and additional taxation and you can always treat them badly with impunity. Women are treated like a support service for men, good only for sex, reproduction and making food, and they can’t interfere in men’s business. All those faggots and perverts can be expunged from society, along with other degenerates. Also, you get to have proper elections, where the candidates are inspected by a religious committee to ascertain if they have proper views, so that there can be no changes in policy and no surprises. Only the right side is allowed to compete and win. All that feminist, communist and liberal scum can finally be put to death.

Get it? There is no significant difference between Islam and National-socialism. Both are inherently anti-liberal, totalitarian political ideologies powered by the conviction of some cosmic rightness, from which they derive the right to rule mankind and kill or subjugate everybody who either opposes them or is recognized as a member of the inferior classes of men.

To tolerate Islam, or to tolerate National-socialism, disqualifies one as a tolerant, liberal person, because tolerance of the extremely intolerant is basically intolerance, since you then need to oppose those who are concerned with the intolerant systems as intolerant – Naziphobic or Islamophobic. The weirdest thing is, those who embrace tolerance are indeed intolerant towards some intolerant systems – they are intolerant towards the fascists, racists, gay-bashers and women-haters, but for some insane reason, probably attributable to infusion of money from the Islamic states to the “liberal” NGOs, Islam, which is a women-subjugating, gay-bashing, racist, fascist political ideology of the worst kind, masquerading as a religion, is not only excluded from the group of recognized intolerant and unacceptable ideologies, but somehow manages to pose on top of the oppression-olympics list of victims.

I’m a cynical and sarcastic bastard, but not even I could make up shit like that.