Preferences and biases

I was thinking about all the whining about discrimination by all sorts of groups, and I thought, how do you tell if a group is being discriminated against unfairly, or is it just inferior and can’t succeed on merit, and then resorts to whining in order to guilt people into giving them resources?

Then I remembered a thing I personally used to do in similar circumstances, when I wanted to find out whether something is good or bad – I would see if I had any objections to being a member of some group. I think it’s the most honest possible method; if there’s something wrong about some group of people, for instance if they are inferior or discriminated against, if you perceived the problem on some level you wouldn’t want to be in a disadvantaged position. So, women claim to be in a disadvantaged position. Would I have a problem with being born a woman?

First of all, I wouldn’t want to be born at all, and definitely not in this shithole of a world, that’s for sure. But that aside, sex is the least of my concerns. There are parts of the world, in the cultural and civilizational sense, where I certainly wouldn’t want to be born, for instance I wouldn’t want to be born in some idiotic tribe which performs genital mutilation, or where women are treated like shit. But if I limit my choice to the Western civilization, it’s not an issue. I wouldn’t have the slightest objection to being female, it’s perfectly fine. My first question would be “whose wife would I be”, because that would determine much of the quality of my life, as I see it. I also wouldn’t want to have shitty parents. I have too much experience with that in this life and no thank you, I wouldn’t want an encore. However, as important as that is, it pales in comparison with the question of “whom do you live your life with”, and for me, the main part of being a woman is being with someone you admire. So as you can see, I’m considering practicalities, like wanting to be beautiful and having a great husband, and at no point does it cross my mind that there’s some inherent disadvantage of being female and that I’d want to avoid it at all cost. I think there’s an inherent disadvantage in being born on the physical plane, and that it’s an inherent disadvantage to be born poor, powerless and surrounded by stupid and crazy people, that’s true. But I think that being female is so completely non-problematic I’d swap positions with my girls in a heartbeat. The sexes are different, though, and there are things I like about being male, and there are things I’d like about being female. It’s not the same thing, but it’s as good. You do some things in a different way to get the results of the same essential quality, but there is no inherent disadvantage in either. As far as I see it, the greatest inherent advantage of being male is the ability to piss while standing up, and, possibly, to be able to run fast without first bothering to bind your breasts firmly so that they don’t bounce painfully. Everything else levels out. I never, ever had a situation where I had it easy because I’m a man, or where I would not be able to do things if I were female. Almost everything I do is about mind and yogi energetics, and I saw more women than men who are inherently as capable as I am; I never saw a man who had the system capable of bearing even the fraction of my energy and I saw several women who could do it easily; I could actually find myself in their bodies and expand to full power with ease and no special adjustment. So, essentially, if I wanted to retain my spiritual power while incarnate, I’d have more reason to worry about being male, because I know more women than men of my kind.

I actually have greatest issues with civilization – there are some civilizations that are so bad and spiritually corruptive, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near. Race is also an issue for me; I have strong preferences. For instance, I’d have no problem with brahmana and ksatriya castes of India, with caucasian white, Jewish or Chinese, but I would strongly dislike African, native Australian or something similar. I see it not as “black or white” but more like this: in India, you have people who are black but they can either practice sophisticated forms of yoga or be astrophysicists or engineers, and in Africa you have people who are also black but they cut girls’ clitorises off and are fucking idiots; none of them are either yogis or scientists. So therein lies the cause for my concern: if you have a culture or a civilization which promotes being a fucking idiot and discourages being a smart sophisticated person, I don’t want to go anywhere near it. So yeah, I have rather well defined cultural and racial preferences, and they will stay there because I really believe that some cultures are far superior to others, and until race can be conclusively excluded from the mixture, I will continue having preferences there, too.

I also have other preferences – being wealthy is much better than being poor, and being in a position of power is much better than being powerless. If you’re wealthy and powerful you have choices and options. You can choose to do wrong things, but if you’re poor and powerless, you have almost no choice in anything and things are mostly done to you, not by you, and that’s hardly a life. Also, being smart is great. It’s such a great power to wield, and you can do so many good things with it and avoid so many evils if you’re mentally brilliant. Having good sources for acquiring knowledge, too, is wonderful. Having access to Internet, to books, to smart people; it’s a great thing.

The thing with my preferences is that I will justify them to the point of death. I will never apologize for them or think I’d be better off without them, thinking it’s the same to be smart or stupid, to have access to knowledge or to be without it, to be in a civilization that promotes sophisticated philosophy and thought, or in some savage shithole that circumcises children, practices Islam and believes that all God wants from us is submission. I’m a racist and a cultural supremacist, and if you don’t like it, tough shit. Surprisingly, however, I don’t have any gender bias. One would not think so considering how harshly I am known to criticize women, but I do so exactly because I have no gender bias that would color my perception of either male or female bullshit. If I were a woman, I wouldn’t expect smart people to put up with my shit, either, and it’s not a sexist thing, it’s a respectful thing. I would, however, prefer to be confronted with my shit in a respectful, kind manner and with a healthy dose of humor, and I like to think it’s what I’m doing. I’m treating women exactly the way I’d want to be treated if I were a woman: I’d want others to sharply rebuke me if I started doing some weirdly wrong shit, and to tell me how much better I can do. To tolerate someone’s crap isn’t really doing that person a service; it’s condescending and harmful, and I hate it. I have no problem being kind with people, but it’s a matter of respect to hold one to high standards.