To hell with social programs

There’s a reason why we are falling behind in space technology and, essentially, in high technology, and it goes like this.

Whenever there’s some space telescope or interplanetary probe or any kind of high tech mission going on and there is news coverage, the comment section is full of “that money should have gone to the social programs (hungry people, homeless people, sick children etc.)”.

Essentially, one gets the impression that people think that social programs are the best thing that can be done with money, and any government expenditure that’s not intended for paying social justice warriors and their feminist studies, is a waste that should be abolished immediately.

However, the problem with this theory is that it has already been tested. We tried a societal model where all the money was fed into social programs.

The result was the collapsed economic model of the former socialist block, which can today be seen in Cuba as a living fossil.

It doesn’t work. It produces only widespread misery and a hugely corrupt state apparatus. Furthermore, concentrating on feeding the poor and educating the dumb while removing the financing from the high-tech state programs in fact removes the reason for being educated and, in fact, reason for eating. Why is that? Because there is a very important question that such socialist systems are constantly neglecting. “Why do we live?” “Why do we need to be educated?”

In a rational system, you eat in order to live in order to do important, great things with your life. You need education in order to be able to work on high-tech projects on the bleeding edge of mankind. If you don’t succeed at that, you settle for supporting those high goals, by making some important part of some piece of machinery that is used in a PET scanner or in James Webb telescope, or you work in a power station making electricity, or something else. In a socialist system, you eat in order to live in order to make babies who in turn need to eat in order to live in order to … Essentially, it’s a pointless life without goals and purposes. Someone doesn’t know what his life is for, but we should all make sacrifices in order to feed him, so that he could proceed to make more useless mouths to feed.


Instead, why wouldn’t we turn the table around and say that the purpose of the state budget isn’t to feed the social programs, it’s to provide worthy goals for the entire country to strive towards. The point of the state budget is to do things that normal capitalist market wouldn’t do – to explore new lands and planets and solar systems, to invest in particle accelerators that break the frontiers of knowledge, to build spaceships and terraform new worlds. Let the market build washing machines and smartphones and other low-risk, high-profit things. The state, however, should do things that need to be done but are too expensive and risky for businesses. This will employ scientists and engineers, it will motivate private businesses to compete for contracts, and this will all create high-paying, high-skill jobs, which will in turn provide good rationale for acquiring high education. The benefits will trickle down from the top, all the way to the least useful members of the community, and if someone doesn’t participate in any way in all that, and has no people who will find him useful enough to finance his work, then let him die. He’s completely and utterly useless and useless people should die, and not reproduce and make useless babies.

So what I’m saying, basically, is that we should pull all money from social programs and put it into NASA. We should pull all money from feminism studies and other useless bullshit and put it into research of new technologies on the bleeding edge of science. We tried giving money to the military and space agencies, and what did we get? The first computers were made for the military. The first microprocessor was designed for use in the US Navy F14A Tomcat fighter jet. Internet was developed by DARPA when they tried to figure out how to connect military installations by a network that would re-route itself in case its major components were destroyed by nuclear strikes. Web was developed by a scientist in CERN when he was looking for a convenient was of exposing documents to other users on the network. Positron Emission Tomography medical scanner uses short-lived radionuclides created in an accelerator. Magnetic resonance scanner was invented as a by-product of nuclear physics. It all trickled down into useful stuff from high-end science and technology, and absolutely nothing useful ever came out of the social programs. What social programs create is socialist Cuba. If you want to see what kind of world is created when social programs are the national priority, go there and see for yourself. It’s very cheap to get anything that will make you alive, and there is absolutely no reason for you to bother because there’s nothing that would make your life worth living. It’s all a circular loop of eat to live to eat, and fuck to make more babies that will eat to live to eat.

If we invested all the state money into worthwhile goals, we would have something to show for besides eating and fucking, and social networking that’s used for finding places where you go out to eat and finding people to fuck and watching videos and pictures of cats and puppies.

There are thousands of websites about new computers and smartphones and other gadgets, but what are they for? What are you for? What is the end-goal, what is the purpose of your life? What goal are you dedicated to?