The evil of antifascism

What does the extreme-left madness of Antifa and similar groups tell us?

First, that we live in a society which has a very messed up moral compass, because apparently evil is defined as the “extreme right”, as “Nazi” or some other label; and when you look into it, it’s just crazy people hysterically yelling at other people and trying to provoke violence, and if you want to kill people, you need to first make killing them socially acceptable, so you find a group that’s killable (Nazis, right?) and label the people you want to kill as members of that group. You don’t really need evidence if you yell hard enough and pretend to be a victim of something, because victims have the right to be violent “in self-defense”.

Second, we live in a society which is defined by moral standards set by the winners of the second world war, who of course were good and whose vanquished enemies were evil. It’s interesting, however, how throughout history the good guys always happen to win. The Neanderthals lost because there was something wrong with them, Christianity won over the old European religions because it was superior, Islam spread over the Middle East because it was superior, and in both world wars the good guys happened to win. Communism, unfortunately, never did lose a major war, so today there are people who proudly declare themselves Marxists, from the position of moral high ground, as if communism wasn’t the only economic system that’s scientifically proven not to work, and in the process of providing evidence killed hundreds of millions of people.

Instead of defining good vs. evil through winners and losers of the last big war, I have a different idea: how about defining good as most resembling God, and evil as least resembling God? How about defining good as that which is of reality, consciousness, bliss, beauty and wonder, and evil as that which lacks all those things – which is of delusion, stupidity, suffering, ugliness and baseness? Oh shit, that requires thinking, and that’s difficult for bat-wielding communist idiots.

And finally, fuck antifascism and fascism both. Both are evil ideas of the 20th century, that produced only suffering, ignorance and destruction, and if there was anyone truly good in that entire affair, he must be sought among the countless victims of the flag-waving hysterical idiots and murderers who all thought they are the seedlings of a new and better world.

Guess what, assholes: if you want to improve the world, start by being a worthwhile person. Invent something useful, achieve greatness of all kinds and help others achieve it. Meditate on God and shine His light so that others find God by thinking of you. That’s how you fight evil. Being an “antifascist” is how you become evil and do evil.