The problem with Israel

As you might already know, I like the Jews. Their ratio of capital achievements in science, arts, literature etc., to their population size, is staggeringly high, making them the single most advanced ethnic group in the world. I also like them because all the cowardly scum targets them because they are too scared to address the real problems, and the Jews are somehow always a handy target-substitute for cowards.

The Jews are, for the most part, a European culture. True, they originate from the Middle East, but they’ve been in Europe for 2000 years, which is probably longer than they’ve existed in the Middle East as a nation, and this made them Europeans, for all intents and purposes. They have more similarities with the Germans than with other Middle-Eastern ethnicities, which becomes quite obvious when you take a look at the state of Israel. It looks like a manifestation of Europe within a typical Middle-Eastern shithole, and therein lies my problem.

The state of Israel looks like a very bad idea. You’re putting an advanced culture inside a very primitive and hostile region, and the only true protection Israel can count on comes from America, which has serious problems of their own. When all your neighbours are trying to kill you, and your only source of protection are the lobbying groups influencing the fundamentalist Christians in America to protect their “sacred lands”, and America is increasingly influenced by counter-lobbying by Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Islamic countries, as well as the neomarxist postmodernist scourge that is overwhelmingly hostile to Israel, the entire picture looks very much like you’re putting all your eggs in one basket in a place where it’s raining axes and hammers, and your only protection is a glass roof. It’s not the greatest idea anyone ever had.

Also, the very effective ways Israel is using to handle the Arabs are undermined by the concepts of human rights and democracy, which are making it impossible to defend yourself as a nation because the very concepts of race, ethnicity and nation-state are anathema to the paradigm of universal human equality in rights. Israel did a very good thing by shoving the Muslim immigrants into Europe, because now Europe will either have to see and accept Israeli point of view and methods, or there will be no Europe to pontificate and annoy Israel with their bullshit, always taking the Palestinian side and making it extremely difficult for Israel to function.

I truly hope the citizens of Europe are very quick to adopt the Israeli point of view, as well as their methods, because the alternative is absolutely unacceptable. Unfortunately, the way things are going, the good outcome is increasingly unlikely. It looks more probable that both Israel and Europe will be overwhelmed by inbred savages from various shitholes of the world, and our civilization will be extinguished. Of course, once the Muslims become a majority due to the idiotic ideology of human equality, they will promptly change the laws to abolish it and proclaim an Islamic caliphate. This ideology of equality will thus become the sociological equivalent of the machine that turns off its own power switch.