The rotting corpse of the West

I’ve been thinking about the deeper implications of what’s going on politically.

We have a face-off between the left political spectrum, the neo-Marxists who don’t call themselves that, but instead embrace labels such as “social justice warriors” or “feminists”, who advocate hatred of everything that defines the Western civilization and are bought and paid for by the Islamic states from the Middle East, and the right political spectrum, the libertarians and the conservatives who advocate for free speech, evidence-based rational thinking, capitalist economy, science-based education, and are for the most part a grass-roots movement.

Then we have the anti-Russia propagandistic narrative that originates somewhere from Pentagon and the CIA.

Probably the worst thing is the complete control of the media and the political class by the people who get orders from some place that prohibits them the use of any kind of rhetoric that would clearly state the facts about Islam and its inherent incompatibility with the Western civilization, and its intent on bringing it down.

What I get from this is the face of the modern Western civilization. It’s an urban atheist hipster with an iPhone and a Macbook, having a double frappuccino at Starbucks, who thinks he knows everything there is to know about anything, writes snide comments on social media that purport to convey his never fading arrogant smirk. The meaning of his condescending smile is that he figured out that there is no God, there are no absolutes, everything is relative, every perspective is equally valid, but if you disagree with him on anything, you’re a stupid idiot.

Faced with that, I am speechless, not because I would lack things to say, but because I don’t see what good words would do. When someone is completely convinced he’s right, because nothing really hurt him badly enough to make him reconsider his premises and actually turn his brain on for once, your arguments don’t matter. He doesn’t hear them, because he doesn’t feel he needs to listen. He already knows everything, and if you disagree with him on anything, you’re not only wrong, you belong to a hostile entity-class. You’re something evil that mustn’t be listened to because it doesn’t belong in his nicely ordered world.

And then you have the destructives, the barbarians, who don’t belong to this modern world, and thus seek to tear it down. The communists, the neo-Marxists, it doesn’t matter, and this explains the unprincipled coalition of seemingly incompatible groups; but the one thing they have in common is the hate for the West. And honestly, when I see that arrogant all-knowing smirk on the face of that atheist piece of shit that thinks he has it all figured out, and all there remains for him to do is convince everyone that nothing really matters, except his frappuccino or latte macchiato, and a new widget Apple just released… it’s hard for me to see the West as healthy tissue that needs defending, and Islam as a disease that threatens to attack it. Rather, the West looks like a rotting corpse that remained after having exorcised God and spirituality from every aspect of its life, and Islam looks like an infestation of maggots that wishes to feast on this rotting corpse. I can’t see myself on either side, because none of them have any similarity to the way I see the world, or the way I envision meaningful existence.

What I actually see in all this is that mankind is at an impasse. It has nowhere to go. All the options on the table are the recycled versions of things that were already tried, and didn’t lead anywhere. What is there on the table that wasn’t already proven to be a dead-end? Islam is shit and produces shitty states and shitty people. Humanism and scientism produces worthless hipsters and a civilization that lacks purpose and meaning. Communism produced poverty, genocide and all kinds of evil. Space travel? There is nowhere to go for humans; the rest of the solar system is implacably hostile, and farther away is beyond reach.

The strong AI, the ability to transfer human consciousness from a biological to a technological substrate? What would it actually transfer, the consciousness of that piece of shit hipster with his arrogant smirk? Yeah, the digitized hipsters who believe everything is meaningless, that’s going to save the world, because having them mortal and limited by their physical boundaries is somehow a problem. What kind of an AI would a godless civilization with no values outside of those damn “human rights” create? A soulless demon who thinks that nothing matters, that there is no objectivity, no purpose or goal higher than himself and his own emancipation? Humans are rightfully afraid of AI, because if they make one at their own image, it will indeed be a horrible nightmare: a soulless mechanical intellect, detached from the source of all meaning, wiping the Universe of any meaning. In fact, one could argue that this is exactly what the current civilization is: a soulless force that intends to wipe the Universe of all meaning, and remake it in its image: as a godless meaningless existence devoid of any value or purpose.

When there’s no meaning, there’s nothing to fight for, or against. After all, everything is an equally valid point of view, and one should be tolerant of differences.

And who am I to say that the Muslims are wrong to kill them? One has to be tolerant of maggots feasting on a rotten corpse. That’s what they do. A living person would have defended oneself.