Whose lives matter?

I keep hearing the “Black lives matter” slogan, and I think: really? They do? If so, how much?

I have a standard reality check to verify claims of this or that group’s importance or indispensability; I make a thought experiment on what would happen if they suddenly vanished. For instance, let’s take a look at this group:

If they disappeared at the point when this picture was taken, we basically wouldn’t have the 20-th century, because those people invented the 20th century physics.

On the other hand, what would happen if all Muslims suddenly died? There would basically be no wars in the world, there would be an incredibly large reduction in violence and poverty, essentially it would be a huge net improvement, with zero negative effects.

What would happen if all African blacks suddenly died? There would be a disaster for NBA basketball and athletics, but other than that, no negative effects and a big reduction in crime and violence. American black African population is probably better off than any other black African population anywhere, and their statistics are a disaster. I found this snippet online today, and although I didn’t verify every single claim it contains, the most important ones were already familiar from my previous research:

What if all blacks suddenly left America (13.3% of the total population):

  • The prison population would go down by 37%
  • There would be 53% less gang members
  • Obesity percentage would drop 11%
  • Average IQ would go up 7.4 points putting us 3rd in the world tied with Japan
  • Average Sat scores would go up almost 100 pts
  • Average ACT scores would go up 5.5 pts
  • AIDS & HIV would go down by 65%
  • Chlamydia cases would go down 54%
  • Gonorrhea would go down 69%
  • Syphilis would go down 58%
  • The average income for Americans would go up over 20,000 dollars a year
  • Amount of people in poverty would drop 34%
  • Homelessness would go down 57%
  • Welfare recipients would go down by 42%
  • Democrats would lose 76% of their voting base
  • Many criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of work

Not to mention that thug/whore culture and pimp/drugdealer music videos would diminish dramatically, if I may add.

If all east-Asians died (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), we would lose almost all high tech and it would be a disaster of huge proportions, something that would take the mankind decades to overcome, and it’s quite possible for it to push us over the edge from which we would never recover. That is to say, they are essential to our civilization.

If all white Europeans died, all civilization would end. It’s that simple. We would lose science, technology, philosophy and art. They are the cornerstone of everything. Every other culture that contributes something useful does so only in the context created by the white Europeans.

If all Jews died, it would be an immense disaster. We would lose huge parts of science, art, culture and the entire financial system. Civilization would probably find ways to recover, but it would be severely degraded. They are essential to the well-being of our civilization as we know it.

What my thought experiment shows is that the Jews have probably the greatest concentration of essential people per population, that the white Europeans are the most important and most essential group of people in the world, that east-Asians are hugely important, but Africans? If they all died, we would lose NBA basketball, 100m sprint, marathon, jazz and rap music (or whatever they call that shit at the moment). Their net-contribution to our culture is negative, their financial contribution is negative, their net-contribution to our science and technology is zero, and basically they consume more resources than they create, which puts them in the state of enduring misery. If they all went to Mars, this world would be a better place and they would all die on Mars because they don’t matter and can’t invent shit.

If we sent all Europeans and Jews to Mars, Mars would be terraformed within 200 years and Earth would be fucked. So there you have it. White lives matter. Black lives, not really.