Why economy?

Why am I so preoccupied with economy lately, I’m sure some or all of you might ask. I thought about this, and this is what I came up with.

The way people imagine economy working is you have something of value to offer, other people have something of value to offer, you all trade goods and services and the one providing the most valuable goods and services in greatest quantities ends up with most money.

That’s not how it works. Sure, it works that way on the lowest tiers of economy, but as I went into it deeper I discovered other principles in action.

The way economy actually works is that people with swords tell you what is money, after they more-less grabbed the entirety of that resource for themselves. Then people with money tell you what has value, and what goods and services will make you rich, what will make you poor, and what will get you killed.

The foundation of the US Dollar isn’t gold, or oil, not even the mortgages. It’s the US military. You will use Dollar as money, or an aircraft carrier battle group will visit your country and introduce democracy. When you accept using USD in international trade, all your goods and services are valued against a resource controlled by the people with guns, who control the quantity of the resource in supply (basically can print as much of it as they want), and you have to trade for this resource pretending it actually has the value it trades for on the market, because aircraft carriers and democracy. The situation in the late stages of the Roman Empire was similar. Silver Denarius was debased so badly it was basically bronze with trace amounts of silver. The problem was, their military refused to be paid in that shit, so they had two currencies, one for paying the military and one for common usage, until the fall of Rome finally put everyone out of their misery. How Rome forced everybody to use shit currency instead of simply switching to something that actually has value? People with swords.

Pure, naked force defines what is money, and what you can get it for, on the fundamental levels of the economy. If people with swords tell you copper is money, that it’s the most valuable thing and the only thing you can trade for or you and your family will be killed, and that it’s ten times more valuable than gold, you will sell your gold for one tenth of its weight in copper and you’ll say “thank you, kind Sir”. They would tell you shit is money, but then you could produce it, so that wouldn’t work. They actually found something less valuable than shit to use as money, and that’s how we got the US Dollar.

Basically, money is defined through brute force, its acceptance is enforced under threat of murder, and you are a slave.

That’s what economy is, and that’s why I’m completely preoccupied with it. It is telling me the most fundamental things about this world, about its fundamental laws, and intents of its creator. It might literally be one of the most important things for one to learn, as important as the nature of God. Because if something is designed to forever keep you apart from God, and you are enslaved by it, you tell me what’s the most important thing there is.