Why everybody wants to go to America… not

I am annoyed when Americans routinely state, as argument in favor of the thesis that America is the best, or at least the least bad of all countries, that everybody wants to go there.

According to this argument, shit is the best thing in the world because all the flies want to get there.

It’s not important how many people want to get somewhere, it’s the motive behind their migration. If they figured out there’s free welfare which they can obtain without having to work, it’s hardly evidence of your country’s greatness. If jihadists want to get to your country, in order to make an Islamic caliphate and kill you, it doesn’t mean they think your state is great, it means they think it’s weakly enough defended to make it a tempting target.

The fact that parasites and enemies want to invade you doesn’t mean you’re great. It means you’re seen as roadkill, as something to be devoured by lesser beings in absence of a proper defense that would be presented by a living organism.

The idea that everybody always wanted to go to America is American narcissistic delusion. I live in Croatia, a country with probably the second greatest diaspora in the world, after Israel. I think that more Croats live outside Croatia, in Canada, USA, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and other countries, than inside Croatia. That’s because of all sorts of wars, persecution and poverty, during the rule of several different regimes in the 20th century. To them, it wasn’t clear where they wanted to go. America was merely one of the possible destinations. There was absolutely nothing special about it. Before the second world war, Argentina was as preferable, and after the second world war, Germany was more preferable – simply because it was easy to get work and be paid well. So no, America was historically not the singular beacon of freedom and a destination of choice. It was just another country, one that was far away that you can hope it’s significantly different from what you had at home. For most people, what was important is that there’s work that’s paid well enough, and that there’s no outright persecution, such as they usually faced at home. To Croats, America was a free country, Argentina was a free country, Canada was a free country, Germany was a free country, Australia was a free country, New Zealand was a free country. Wherever you could work and not be killed was a free country, which tells you something about the conditions at home, where the Serbs were mistreating the Croats so badly, they had really low requirements for emigration. As long as you didn’t get killed, beaten up and robbed, and you can find a job that paid well enough to make a living, it was a free country. Nobody cared about the American constitution, it’s completely irrelevant. Nobody cared about Australian constitution, either. As long as the Serbs can’t beat you up, imprison you on false charges and kill you, it’s a great constitution.

Let’s see who’s actually trying to go to America now:

  • Latino immigrants looking for free money or low-paying jobs.
  • Jihadists who want to convert it to Islam.

The times after the second world war, when the greatest minds from Europe flocked to America because it wasn’t destroyed by war and they could continue to do their work in normal conditions, those times are over. Also, the times from the 19th century, when people like Nikola Tesla went to America to escape the Austro-Hungarian bureaucracy which hindered all progress, they too are over, because as things are, American bureaucracy now is a copy of that innovation-stifling mess people used to run away from. Also, if people want freedom, America with its fascism, restrictions on travel, spying and surveillance, completely controlled media spewing propaganda is the last country on Earth they would go to. In fact, people seeking freedom and fighting for truth are right now hiding from America in Ecuadorian embassy (Assange) and in Russia (Snowden). America is the country that persecutes freedom fighters and restricts freedoms. America is a country where Nazi armed guards implement controls at the airports, so that they could have complete control of the population, and spiritual heirs of the Sturmabteilung thugs wearing black masks and neo-fascist symbols intimidate free speech advocates at the universities, using violence with the tacit support of the police.

In the 1980s, I actually used to dream about going to America to work at Microsoft or somewhere else in the IT industry, because that was my thing, and America was where it happened. But now, nothing happens in America except fascism and spying and madness. America is a country that exports ideas such as “the Earth is flat”, “we didn’t go to the Moon”, the spiritually empty ideology of human rights, feminism, gender bullshit and hatred of Russia. America is a fascist shithole. Nobody competent and in his right mind wants to go there anymore. I certainly don’t; one would have to drag me there screaming and in chains. Once it’s liberated from fascism and if it’s a free country, maybe. But as things stand, if you want freedom and opportunity, you run away from America, not to America.